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  1.  hi! i am looking for ely of Don's Squad.

    1. Lzaegis


      you can just visit Go 7, she always there. ?

  2. Kush


    san ka pre?
  3. Sorry guys if there's already a topic about this. I just couldn't find it. So is it true that when you use thana on a crit build, it doesn't stack up? What's the best combo if you are a thana breaker? Please suggest on what weapon i should use. as of now i do have the L.Crit Sword and L. Fenrir Dagger. L.Crit = 2 Paper, 1 Orc Skel, Thana L.Dagger = 2 Orc Skel, 1 Paper, 1 Baby Dessert
  4. Help! i can't find a way to install the game in my friend's macbook. please give me all the stuff i need. i don't want to pay just to play the game with macbook.
  5. PM me in game or reply to this topic Character: Loli Kush
  6. Where can i find a pet groomer ?
  7. Where can i get them ?
  8. Selling it. Leave offers here. Whoever got the highest offer gets it. Or trade for LK BB type equips.
  9. California Burrito.

  10. Kush


    NVM ! got it (: sorry idk how to delete this post
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