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  1. Its a macro !!!! hahahaha xD
  2. Most of the time I'm just bored, but I will teach you how to build your stats, this will solely depend on your equips (mostly +10LTD hats, Ltd Emperium Aurora, Accessories) and Food Stats (+15 and +20) Note that all the additional points to your stats are very important especially in building a Champion. Your BASE STR points should be around 290~300 this will depend on your ADDITIONAL Points. Your TOTAL(BASE+ADDITIONAL) DEX points should be 150 (no questions need here) Your TOTAL(BASE+ADDITIONAL) AGI points should make your ASPD 193~195 depending on your preference, be sure to use all your buffs. Also be sure to up your agility AFTER you up your dex first because dex also gives your ASPD. Your TOTAL(BASE+ADDITIONAL) INT points should make your SP (Spell Power) around 5.8k~6k. The rest of your status points should go to your VIT Points, this will be around 130~160 vit points for you depending on your build. But mostly it is on 150. Let us proceed to building your Equipment: ? : What is the best headgear for Champion? ! : LTD Headgear[ KIEL / FSOLD or MAYA P ] (depends on your build) ? : What build? ! : 1 Hitter, or Tanky Champ ? : What is the best headgear for 1 Hitter Champion? ! :+10 LTD HG[ 2seyren windsor or 2 Amad Card ] ? : What is the best headgear for Tanky Champion? ! : Any Holloweed Headgears Upper Headgear (+0 or +10 Depending on your DEF & Vit DEF) [Preferably Limited Edition, why? Simply Because of additional +5 to all status points] Middle Headgear Preferably LTD Emperium Aurora, again additional +13 Status Points!] Forsaken King Armors (+0 or +10 Depending on your DEF & Vit DEF) Or Champ Dragonist Armor (2 Egnigem Cenia Cards) use this for 1 shot asura :) [Cards=GR & TGK/Puppetring(Use only vs. Snipers with Ship Hats on)] [Cards for Ecaller Champion=Evil Druid(Cannot Be Provoked) & Orc Lord (if you get asura'd, also because you cannot combine 2 elemental armors (ghost property + undead property)) Forsaken King Shoes (+0 or +10 Depending on your DEF & Vit DEF) [Cards=Lady Tanee & Fallen Bishop] [Cards=Fallen Bishop & Uber Poporing (Use only when you get x2 MAX SP) will give you additional +15% Max Damage] Forsaken King Cloaks (+0 or +10 Depending on your DEF & Vit DEF) [Cards=2 Raydrics (vs. Snipers/SinX Crit/Champions)] [Cards=Raydric & Skoll or 2 Skolls (vs. SinX Thana/Sniper DS/Lord Knight Thana/Whitesmith Thana) Weapon (+10) Here it will get tricky and will especially depends on your build. As for me this is my build for my champion [Cards=2 Turtle General + Mao Guai + Memory of Thanatos] Q: Why Thanatos? A: Gives you additional +28% Damage vs. Demi-Human & -30DEF!! That -30DEF can help you NOT Switch your Cloaks anymore. You can just DEFAULT it to 2 Raydrics.
  3. 1. make sure your fully updated 2. if the bgm doesnt play but u have the bgm for a specific map in your bgm folder, its save to say that BMGnametable.txt has some missing entries. this will be found inside one of the data.grf files or inside a data folder. if you can grab a copy of an up to date version from someone, you can normally put it in a data folder in the ragnarok folder, and it will cure the problem. its a bit of a work around, but it does the job. hope it helps
  4. Is there a possibility that you list dragonist amors in tokenshop donate?
  5. Are you happy to have been nerf the ullr's weap? How do you kill a bio mammo type using LK Frey sword? (do not turn a blind eye) It 's unfair, should be nerf also bio mammo type and full blast gunslinger type. This is ridiculous, Just to be fair for more fun and enjoy our server.. +1 to @ghiemochi we are affected because we have fun but now we are not happy Hellenismos-
  6. Ik ben geen dief! Waarom zeg je dat aan mij?

  7. Just wanna point things out, The cast has nothing to do with the dex and its damage. It meant to be a devastating shot to inflict massive ranged physical damage. Which means it should deal High damage with a low spam that can be interrupted. And you cant spam with it unlike Full Buster Thats why you i posted earlier about what GM Ares said Full Buster (fast spam, slightly lower damage), Tracking (slow spam, high damage). Keep that in mind. And you cant compare a champ to this class build . Champ can reach 300k single asura There is no way you can compare it Cause champs got snap and pneuma and more. while GS just got this and hp pool is not even that high and remember Gs was left behind the last couple of years when it got nerfed back then aswell. So i dont see any reason why it should get nerfed again. While All other classes like Ninja,Taekwon,Soul Linker now getting more bigger. While others trying to put GS back to the ground and make is useless like the past years Tracking:By taking a little extra time to track the target, you can guarantee a very powerful single shot. Tracking has a fixed cast time which is not affected by DEX, skills or effects and is interruptible. There is no aftercast delay. The range of Tracking is fixed at 10 cells, and is not increased by Snake's Eye. R1P for the Guardian still so fresh now already getting nerfed ........ XD
  8. I Agree to GM Ares He didnt just release guardian ring without thinking what it can do obviously. they is a reason ofcourse, Like he said Full Buster (fast spam, slightly lower damage), Tracking (slow spam, high damage). That should explain, Why is has that effect I would agree with the others but there's still a reason why :) / And this server needed an update like this new rings and new weapons and more this was the right time that they release it, Where Everyone can explore each classes and try out more things . one last thing is R1P for the Guardian still so fresh now already getting nerfed ........ XD
  9. Bro its me westlife/vamp333 The nigga from teh chillzone ahaha welcome Bro !!
  10. +1 to this i agree with the suggestion as Double Strafe is a single target it should be compare to Full Buster
  11. 56 price for emp > 831 ---
  12. Welcome to the Community of ForsakenRO :)
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