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  1. Lmao everyone when you give your 2 cent I just think of all the horrible suggestion you posted. Hahahhahaa!
  2. -1 on the priest. If they can’t be dispel, priest in group fights would be a massive game changer.
  3. Lol never change server just different games. Hope everything works out with your drops ha!
  4. Lmao I’m not angry. It was a joke because I’m to lazy to hunt anything and have all items in the game. Bruhhhhh ?
  5. If I need 3 items I just alt+f4 and go play another game.
  6. BigD

    Website PVP UPDATE

    So you’re saying not a lot of classes are balance, but doesn’t this also apply to regular ladder, what we have now? If you think gathering up all your friend and ganging every single person that’s come in is fair, then you’re crazy. Also, class balance has nothing to do with anything and a totally different topic. People have the option to play whatever class they like so yea..
  7. BigD

    Website PVP UPDATE

    Yea they should make it like 1 big tournament event. The pvp ladder are always the same people winning and it’s usually camped by friends. Everyone actually have a chance to win instead of rolling in and instantly dying. We already have party battles in woe, BG, GVG. Why not change it up and make it 1 on 1 tournament. I think most people I know will agree on this. If you don’t then you’re noob!!!
  8. BigD

    Website PVP UPDATE

    get Rid of the lame pvp ladder and make it 1 on 1 tournament so the real pvpers can show there skills noobs!
  9. BigD

    Ice Emp blue OG

    Oh okay it looks the same in the picture and In game so I was wondering, but didn’t ask.
  10. People still play this game? This comment probably get deleted.
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