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  1. haters all around, we bouncin' back up, bouncin' back up

    1. niemono89


      Just be M.jordan,

      His first carrier was picking balls over the courts,before famous XD

  2. You are always on my mind....

  3. +1. This will keep server alive and will add some new challenge for old players.
  4. +1 great idea. And please consider adding battleground
  5. The idea is good... but I'll need in a 'Solo-PVP' at least 10 mins to win vs a player who has fcp if he doesnt drain my seeds before. So the idea is good, but needs to be adjusted considering all the posible battles
  6. I had the same issue on windows 10. I followed the video below and now is working fine. Check it: Also remember to run both setup.exe and fkenro.exe as admin that will allow you to pick the resolution you want. Worked for me.
  7. +1 to this.... but since many ppl didnt agree now it will be nerfed lol :th_swt:
  8. Nice!! Seems to be a nice build.... what about having extra pair of boots, for deff....(something like: dwiz+amonra)??? Regarding accessory "Urd's Earringx2 (Siroma Siroma)" can be also swtichted to imp/imp...
  9. cancel...... took more than 20 mins to find another party.
  10. +1. k when this is implemented u know where to find me. :th_bawi:
  11. You can check the database, there you have the info: https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/?module=item&action=index&item_id=&name=emperium&type=-1&equip_loc=-1&npc_buy_op=eq&npc_buy=&npc_sell_op=eq&npc_sell=&weight_op=eq&weight=&attack_op=eq&attack=&defense_op=eq&defense=&range_op=eq&range=&slots_op=eq&slots=&refineable=&for_sale=&custom=
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