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  1. And so it begins, First glance it seems, but both are Bounded by red strings. a 5-7-5 Haiku of love at first sight.
  2. Hey hey hey, back at it again with dem suggestions but this tiem I already have the spr and act files so maybe if they notice this thread they can just ask yours truly to send noodz... i mean the files. Disclaimer: I don't own the ff, I just manage to stumble upon them since I was a part-time spriter for many servers ages ago. Also, I have the files long long long time ago but the usb containing the files were lost (but now recovered) so yeah, cheers! These may be added as new vote items, donates, quests, etc. The names of some of the HG's are not necessarily their in-game name, I just in
  3. The GM who went full retard in my sig, whoever you are pls answer these questions
  4. Going to necro this old thread just for kek :D If you are semi-poor and only have 1 Strike Eagle: 1TG 1Golden 1Mao Guai 1VR, since VR gives 10% Physical Dmg (Asura is physical dmg rite?) +Dispel and if I am not mistaken putting 1TG 1Golden is better than 2TG because science. lol For the strip weap: mace[4]/dagger[4]/Rod[4] and put 1LOD 1metalling 1DWar 1VR (because having dispel is more annoying :D) is also an option aside from the Ledger of Death [1] Quick Question: For Accessories: Is 2x Loki's Seal +Int Runes good? idk. xD OR is 1x Int Rune +1x Owl Baron Card also an option?
  5. Because The Paper card is more viable and since this is high rate, it is easily attainable. Mobster Card [Weapon] Inflict 15% more damage with Critical attacks.[Thief Class]Critical Rate + 4 VS The Paper Card [Weapon] Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks.Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack.[+ Wanderer, Wild Rose, Shinobi & Dancing Dragon Card]AGI + 5STR + 5Intimidate Auto-Spell will not function.Increases Attack Speed by 5%.Movement Speed + 5%Gain 1 SP every time when attacking.[Thief Class]Allows its user to use certain skills without s
  6. Greatest Gamble, Farming even if you are sleepy :th_ok: :th_no1: This entry is for fun only, carry on.. don't mind me
  7. TAO GANGSTA - Pineapple + Tao Gunka + Triangle - sorry, I can't recognize the other guy so I can't draw him...
  8. Q1: Would the whole party get fame points (considering that they are all knights and agreed to become a dragonist) after finishing the raid/Battle of the Blackwitch? Or is it only for the one who talked to the NPC? Sorry not rly a Raider here... Q2: So, the Dragon Fury buff would only take effect vs other Dragonist w/ the buff also enabled? Meaning if you die by the hands of someone (or kill someone) not a dragonist while your Dragon Fury buff is on, you will not lose (or gain) fame points? Right? Q3: If Q2 is true, how about if the one who killed you (or vice-versa) while you have D.Fury is
  9. Q1> Would the Dragonist Armor eventually becomes a set like with a Cloak, Boots, and Helm? Q2> Will classes other than Snipers, Priests, and Clowns be useful in these new raids? Sorry for these questions, I'm not really familiar with how this Order of the Dragon works... Great update you got here, I'm looking forward on getting my grasps on this.
  10. I suggested this some time ago but no one bats an eye... I doubt that any of the GMs have seen it since no one replied like GM Ares did. Welp, here's the link to it: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31843-re-suggesting-sprites/ Sprite sheets and the source's link is included there, I hope this will make the implementation easier. Oh and speaking of sprites, please support my new headgear suggestion thread http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31730-new-headgears-d/ I update it every once and a while so yeah...
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