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  1. Lol as far as i know gs only nids basic cArds such as kiels, tg,fbh,inca,tao,gr etc wich are also use by other char? Dont u have those dats y u nid to ask those items from me. If u dont extra cards even ur an old players as u said u can decard it to ur other char ryt? How cn u prov. Ur not even answer my question. Aside spaming rs and smacking despi what else gs cn do? Its seems ur just realy hate despi. Hehe
  2. Bait. ?If ur aware with ur words u should not let ur self being misinterpreted. Specialy on argumentation.. ur just steping at ur own trap. But anyway dont ever put a blame to any other pips. Stop making alibi coz its realy ovios
  3. Cought ME..??for a joke???. Dont put ur damn Blame on me men..your just making this nonsense alibi. honestly i dont know of it. coz im just dont use it on ninja coz it is no nid to be use on ninja.. for were are range, magical and untouchable By the way heres what u said you doesnt sound joking men coz ur serios indeed.. if james didnt cought u. u dont react as that. ur just playing safe coz ur famous of being a pro and ur sugesting a thing like this on ifrit ring on GS. your the one who just cought.. hhahahahahahahahaha... be honest and stop making alibi. and putting blame on other
  4. if ur realy good on it u dont nid expensive items to make it good men. all u nid is a necessary cards wich are common and also use by other char.. GS's before are good and effective even on knight set and Lwep men. prefereble on vote king set. its seems u dont have a good experience with this class why do u keep on arguing with the real GS's players.?
  5. It seems u guys are so pro. Yeah too pro specialy on GS. U know gs and u know that this class is still good. Why youl just make a GS since u guys are pro on it and prov and inspired us others of effectvness of this class without relying on smacking like u said. Thers a lot of pipol want to have a strong gs men. Show us not only On argument. And maybe those brainless gs u said quited will change thier Mind .. i hate GS's befor men. They always pawned me. But now i felt just pitty on them.
  6. Yeah thier not quiting the job but why they are not showing now? Are they quiting the game? Hehe Bro tell me. Other than despi and and rapid what else of skill of a pro gs u said can do? What is the most effective skill of gs specialy on woe. If they dont nid of smacking despi what else they can do. U only said valis. Is gs ring also drop price of some rison u said it is high supply? or am i right it bcoZ of this nerf?
  7. Sorry ray. But gs dont have enaf hp as rebirth they gonna die before having a chance of getting the buff using that blue ifrit ring. Hmmm spam seeds yeah. But but again gs dont have enaf hp. I dont think they cN tank it.. I dont play champs. But through analization. All u had to do now is to stone gs and hit asura. If they hav fsoldier. Thier spam are tankable not like before so if it s no lag =np. If they are using evil druids they gonna die on one asura for not having gr..
  8. Im wondering why is some clueless person are dont see the point of this.. Dont you see guys pro GS's are now quiting the class. This suggestion is to bring back the class if posible.. if u guys says that this class is still good after the nerf why GS items now are sold on a low value. Are u guys knows what hapening on game? :D
  9. gs has a lot of skgill. But lwep and valis is only good on this god damn despi and rapid if we all dont have lwep and we are only allowed to use weapon available on mall effectiveness of other gs skill is posible. ;)
  10. Men this class is very good without this. This s unecessary. So -100 to this lol
  11. Very Good connection and a High quality computer.. ur lucky men :D Question=sir it is posible that you our GM's can only nerf despi only on woe event.. even with the use of 3 kiels.. so that they can still use thier rapid shower effectivly as usual?
  12. lol. maybe they are having fun or urs men.. just also have a fun with them.. anyway its a game, an online game we are having fun playing did we.. :D
  13. thats impressive men.. hope this dude impress us more someday.. imma be his fan :D
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