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  1. thanks for this guide! im already using it! *** BOY TIGAS *** tip for 1 hit asura ... try ray+devi in cloak ...
  2. S> +0 Teal Noble [800] S>+10 Stalker SB [900] pm me -= RaiNe =- :th_go: :th_go: :th_go: :th_go: :th_go: :th_go:
  3. i am a new player of stalker and im getting some idea to all of your comments even you are fighthing, thank you all! ...
  4. I AGREE WITH JAMES! WAN AZUNA: INGAME NAME: Proton Saga in comes to strategy and tactics of pally, builds and skill, he is the one, HES MY MASTER OF BIENG A PALLY! BEST PALLY I KNOW MORE THAN YUMMI AND SENTI ... (still a fan of them) ††_HOLY_ROCK_††
  5. why i cant update my patcher? after i download it i cant click the start botton, and is said beside of start bottom is C:\games\ForsakenRo All-in-One v3.5\fordata.grf is in use NEED SOME HELP PLEASE ....
  6. ill add something for SACRI TYPE PALLY ... all the cards and armors are correct ... for the stat in my own pally i do it vit = 300 (the more HP you have to more damage of your sacri dex = 115 (just to make no cast) agi = (just make your ATTACK SPEED up to 195 str = put all the other stat here note:you can only carry atleast 250+ seed i only do this at PVP for WOE im a pure tanker ... im just sharing! if you think im wrong make your own build then! ***THE_ROCK***
  7. pm me here at forum or ingame ***THE_ROCK*** thanks!
  8. ito ka pala ah!
  9. group ba namin to? ahahaha

  10. active si james sa forum ah! nice! for the new james! welcome and good luck bro! feel free to ask any question to us or just hang with us ...
  11. SOON IT WILL BE ME! .... HARHARHAR! ... ***THE_ROCK***
  12. look for me i will teach you ... ***THE_ROCK***
  13. i started playing fro for almost 2 and half months now, and now i realy enjoy WOE ... salary is not important to me, i just enjoy WOE days ... and for the months i join my guild, we did not have a castle drops ... now thats a little disapoinment ... deffending is not a problem, elith already said it, they realy into defending if their trappers are online and Gs and put booms, so if you know you are out numbered in your guild, you know your last thing to do is last mind break ... GMs, please increase the castle drops so new players like be more inspires to do WOE and enjoy it like i do ..
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