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  1. wow i havent played for 3 years and this server is still top 1

  2. hi is the server down or is it just my internet? i can't seem to login

  3. Been a long time man :D how are you doing? haha Well, you contributed a lot to this guide :) all credits WILL go to the people around, and you were one of the people who helped - ~ L O C K ~
  4. I am loyal to whoever is loyal to me... Anyone and everyone is okay to join :D
  5. Translation: Eternal Awakening As for the history of the name, I don't know :D On to the recruiting! Our base is @go 8 Requirements are: Be nice :Dand that's it :D I made this guild because I was bored and I wanted to help a lot of people ingame :D We accept newbies and veteran players alike. If ever you are a veteran player and can't find your old friends (and very lonely, like moi), or if you are a newbie looking for someone to show you around, then this guild is for you :) You may PM me if you want to join, my ign is Valar Akkovaras. or if I'm not online, or maybe forgot my name, for some reason, you may broadcast "Nes Mori", and if I or a member of our guild will see it, then we will reply and you may ask us. If nobody replies, then nobody is home yet. :3 We can be an information desk. Like I said earlier, we can also be an information center for players :) We also WoE and join other events, given if members want to. We are also like any other guild. We are a for-fun-only guild, that means I don't give out salaries. Whatever we may like, we may do(except illegal stuff. that's a no-no). Again, you may PM me ingame: Valar Akkovaras or I'maWizLoL or Skathi, or you may comment on this thread or msg me :) We are a friendly guild :) My vision is that this guild will function as one, like a fraternity/sorority would. PEACExLOVExUNITYxHAVINGFUN HAPPY GAMING! :D
  6. this is pretty good :) a lot like my own sacri pally build.. but i have no intention of sharing my sacri build yet as i have not tried the build with full gears yet... i still settle for noob gears as i have begun again as a newbie and cast off old items :) the fun for me just got depleted, so as a bit of a challenge for me, I've tried starting again from scratch, not contacting any old friends and asking for help :) great build :D but if you'd like, make another thread using this build, most people won't see that message of yours.. and yes, i made my own guide for pally thank you :) the guide above is mine..
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRmBChQjZPs
  8. haha look at you all complaining... back in my day we had 4 vote links... so we just had 8 votes and 8 points per day..
  9. been a while since i hanged out in this thread :D too bad for you, i just learned how to ollie yesterday XD TPBM is great at maths
  10. Hey guys :D I'm kind of a veteran in this server and just shouting out to all my old friends (if they're still playing) it was kind of like 2 years?(not sure) since i last played fRO, with all the WoE and GvG (RTF, Veneration, OSFA, and Apil Juice days :3)... Shout out to my old buddies! :D you guys still playing? DDH? Soo? Ely? if not, i hope many will still be kind to me :3 please be kind to me... I'm an old tart in fRO XD
  11. hey can i join here?
  12. hey let me join my farming char here pls :3 atleast i'll have people to talk to while I'm farming and not get bored... I'm working my ass to try to be active again :3
  13. try out the quest :) "quested gears" are items that you get from quest and "voted gears" are items that you get from voting
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