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  1. To Ares, Please post the current change and effects that was made on GS Guardian Ring on this thread. Some of us would be happy to see the changes and effects of the cards to the item. I kinda have a feeling that I know there's a lot of it on the script of the item. Thank you. :)
  2. My request on this thread is to use the UPDATE thread more often that only ADMINs, MODs or GMs are able to use it for us to read. Even if there is just a little tweak on an item, cards, character or whatever shiznit change that happens on the server. The Update thread is literally there for it. Please consider my suggestion on this things. Look at all the chaos made by this thread. or how about make another thread like CHANGES or something like that for us to read. God speed fRO.
  3. the SB sinx is already balanced. Putting more redux on the kitty claws will make SB sinx OP. With the right gears on Sonicblower sinx and with the hands for it, you're classified to use one. I've been using SB sinx for too long and got bored. lol
  4. Watching the Pally and GS Guardian owning. LOL
  5. F***ing well said Train! Excuse my language but the game is seriously broken because of Guardian GS.
  6. Pneuma is a temporary skill that last for 10 secs. When pneuma faded, PEW dead. No time to cast again by our Champ. And you see what i'm trying to say here, you need pneuma for it that means you need another player with a character that can cast pneuma or unless you wait for the 5% cast chance of pneuma but that won't happen because you're already dead try to wait for the pneuma to pop out, when your enemy only needs a GS and Pally. See what I'm pointing here. Please understand it sir Ares. I love the idea of a 2 handed rifle because it would be like a sinx and it should be that way with the
  7. Okay, let me define OP. OP as in only a 2 man team can take down an 8 man team. A Champion and Pally can't do the same things what a Gunslinger and Pally can do. One reason is that a GUNSLINGER has range. It doesn't need to keep moving to kill someone. And Champions need to get close to ASURA. Champions also have a delay when they use the skill SNAP. Gunslingers Tracking doesn't have any requirement or delays. Gunslinger's with pally can just stand beside the pally and shot everyone within sight. Having RANGE is a very very very big advantage already. And to be direct with the CASTING TIME o
  8. Why use champ when you can use range ASURA like GS? pewpew
  9. What? You're reasoning is unjustifiable. I only get the 300k part. There is what you call a "card" that doesn't break cast. Even with 300k damage your saying you can still seed with that? LOL Most players only have 250k-300k HP. Please get your resources straight. It's a RANGE skill! Get it? RANGE! Only ASURA should have the highest damage of SKILLS, not make a range ASURA. And 95% of ppl WOE are autopoting and haxin? W T F. How did you get to that conclusion? 95%? Please. I'm already one of the remaining 5% and there's like 150 ppl who WOE. You should count again. Tss
  10. True, Full Buster is enough already. Single target, sp consumption is high, seed delay, i would say it's in a fair position. Full Buster only. And there are a lot of ways to counter Full buster damage.
  11. Ami


    Hello welcome to forsaken RO where everyone is happy when they kill someone. jk
  12. Ohh and welcome back. lol everything is OP. joke
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