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  1. Is the game still active?


  2. DC DC DC? Before woe? XD

  3. What's with this disconnections?

  4. WhiteHermode=900 or? SniperSB=1.3 or? PM ME INGAME `Son Guko or Nob- or post time time you will be going online Thanks :))
  5. S>WhiteHermod,SnipeSB

  6. My first IGN is HumptyDumpty then G A S P E R. Dunno if you know me. Hahaha. but i played way back 2012 :)
  7. Whooaah. Errythings new todaaaay. Hoping to find my friends when i was still active. :D :D PS. Ace kung mabasa mo to paki'pm ako sa FB babalik na koo. Pramis na tlga too :D :D :D
  8. we'll all be dead in a blink of an eye if the seeds and berries will have delay :) so -1 to this
  9. Why dont they just put Detale at the mvp room? coz as far as i can see it's only the EOF thats been so overpriced nowadays.
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