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  1. It would be available to everyone. Zooming out further isn't even an advantage. Showing cast range is barely considered an advantage, especially on a high-rate. I'd rather have LKs with BB assist lines than FAS in its current state. Heal slave is likely for low-rates. Idk how open the source of it is to be able to edit it for using buffs via other classes though. I really don't care whether people use it or not; nor would I feel disadvantaged versus someone using it.
  2. People buying save time while you waste time. I still think the buyers are the real winners here.
  3. Combo is actually really easy?
  4. Lol, I bet. Unless they changed the delay on PPS, there's no way he wasn't using programs. Also, who?
  5. The salt. You're clearly threatened by this idea, threatened by the fact that your greed could possibly come to a halt. The irony in what you say is fucking mind blowing. Very unwelcoming attitude, which is why you'll always remain a nobody here.
  6. Yeah, because he totally didn't use programs.
  7. You'd be on my list, if I felt there was one. You don't PvP, so you don't exactly have an opinion in this matter. Also, those are people who've been out of the scene for over a year. gud1.
  8. Zombee

    El's Champion Guide

    Using more than 28X in str is a waste of stats. I'd suggest 27X tops, unless you've got a lot of gear.
  9. You know you're cool when you name kids who don't even play anymore. Trong is Bronze V. Anyways, this thread is a waste of everyones time. Everyone's going to name themselves, their best friend or has-beens who are now irrelevant to the server. In all honesty, there's nobody truly impressive on champion. I've done it all and seen it all. Nobody stands out anymore.
  10. was that the only change to wizards..?
  11. Don't see how a 'mascot' could help improve the server.. :/ It can't exactly help advertise, nor will it exactly draw people to it. I could see using Skoll as a render on a banner or two, which might attract some attention because it's a customized garm. But seeing as how this is a high-rate, there's nothing exactly exciting about that. I tend to find sprites more interesting than mobs / mvps on banners and they look more attractive, because you can fully customize them with minimal effort. All you need is spr files to render them. Very versatile, given the amount of headgears there are. P
  12. Zombee


    Purple Emp x2 Green Emp x1 Cursed Champion Ring x2 Blessed SinX Ring x1 Cursed SinX Ring x1 O. Crit x2 K. Claws x1 LK Card x1 Blue Dragon Mask x1 Purple Dragon Helm x1 Skull Aura x1
  13. I'd rather see a pair of wings than an infernal cape.
  14. Read the whole topic? Mage is useless without both. Siroma & Imp cards are garbage, given they're the two most common elements. Shadi made a suggestion to buff both the single target and AoE. Idk, I don't care what happens to the class, as long as it's helps it out.
  15. LK is still the strongest dueler right now.. Trading a delay reduction on BB for a delay on spiral pierce seems fair though.
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