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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Kinky Milfy B/S/T Buying (All Price are in Tokens) -> Sif Golden Whip Cape Voucher Halloween Tokens [10:1] Selling -> N/A Trading -> N/A PM Milfy. or Caramilly in game or Discord Caramilly#1747 Hi all, Brief introduction. I am Caramilly and I've been playing RO for YEARS. I'm very old and fragile and as you guys know. I'm all about fashion and style in game. I am broke as hell in game and I need some funding from YOU so I can be cute haha. I'm selling my Forum Signature/Discord Icon/Facebook Banner Design Service in exchange for your Forsaken RO Tokens. Here are my Do & Don't s: Do -> Signatures/Banner/Facebook Banner Design for ForsakenRO ONLY. For other arrangements, please contact me personally. Don't -> Complicated Animation Signatures/Banners Below are samples and price Basic Profile Picture/Discord Picture: 50 Tokens, Additional character + 30 Tokens Non-Animated Forum Signature: 100-400 Tokens (Depending on difficulty), Additional character + 30 Tokens Animated Forum Signature/Banner: 400-1500 (Depending on difficulty), Additional character + 50 Tokens Please give me a lead time of 1 week as I am working, so I only have 2 hours a day maximum to be working on orders. Thanks! *Maximum 1 Revision after final design, Additional Revision +10 Tokens. *As fRO's sprite is locked and I have to search other platforms for it, for every sprite I can't (so you have to replace it) get you get a 10 Token discount. *After sales service (eg, change clothes color/headgears) will be charged at, 10 Tokens for Clothes color, 50 tokens (for non-animated hg), 100 tokens (for animated hg) *10% of monthly sales will be donated to ForsakenRO Newbies via 'Uncrowned Kings' Guild* PM Milfy. or Caramilly in game or Discord Caramilly#1747 Available Slots: 1. 2. 3. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!
  2. [OPEN] Welcome to my signature/banner/emblem shop! I can make signatures for you (with RO chars or none) and my services are FREE. unless you are really generous :3 you may pay me if you want to. If you're going to request, feel free to do so by posting a reply here or PM-ing me via forum. NEVER ask me for a sig in-game because that means I'm AFK or MvP hunting. unless you catch me just sitting around, fine. c: Your request should include the following: [signature and Banner] Character Gender* Character Class* 3rd job or 2nd Transcendant sprite?* Headgear (optional)* *** Clothes color, hair color, hair style (codes that can be found on RMS char sim)* Background Other details you wish to have in your signature. With render?** Yes/No: If yes, provide a link if the render image you want on your sig. [Guild Emblem] Guild Name Give an adjective that could describe your guild Color of the Emblem (dominant color) Other Details *needed for signatures/banners with character sprites on it **I can also go around le interwebz and look around, just give me a description of the render you want. might take some time though, I hate going too deep in ze interwebz. *** If your headgear is custom (only found on our server) and can't be found in the RMS char simulator, your request may take a while since I have to ask an Admin for those headgears so that I won't break the rule regarding the usage of fRO sprites. Or, find me ingame so that we can take a clean picture of your character, depending on your character sprite's color. Notice: When you're gonna use my signatures, please credit me by simply adding a simple thanks or whatever. I stopped putting my mark AeroGFX since the brushes used aren't mine. Samples of signatures that I have made for a few members of the fRO community: More samples around the thread, just look around for 'em.
  3. Christmas is nearly coming fast.. Sharing this picture. I'm with GM Veracity :) I made this signature before for my christmas signature. Hope you like it!
  4. hello!! i recently returned and would like to know something...is there a way for me to reduce lag? as we all know LAG is a bitch and online players would go on and rant that "*insert name here* didnt kill me, LAG did" i did some stuff already 1. clear history (clean up cache) 2. closed all other running apps and downloads 3. defrag 4. clean registry 5. reduced fRO specs 6. kill wifi :D 7. format (thinking about it. to really clear everything up) and also we changed ISP, im thinking it might have something to do w/ it since i didnt have much issue w/ LAG w/ our previous ISP so if someone would suggest to 1. move near server 2. change ISP 3. get a better PC these arent options for me (2 & 3 probably in the future) i would like to know what ISP other PH players use to compare w/ mine my ISP is bayantel (from PH) w/c they claim runs at a rate of 1mbps (same as previous) and i also ping'd the server on a good day i get 208ms and so, if someone could give me a tip to help reduce it in a LEGAL way would be much appreciated :D ALSO how to make a signature guide would be nice :D
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