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  1. Hello! how are you na po?

  2. Im back for the SS event. See you again next month! toodles~

    1. Victoria


      See you next month kitkat! :3

  3. Once in a lifetime opportunity.. Mine: Able to join a volunteer group which is librivox as a narrator of stories and poem. Since I was a kid, I want to be a dubber or voice actress in a radio. I love how people who are behind of these stories. animated cartoon, etc. They keep the stories and emotions touch peoples' lives. Our voice could be reach in everywhere just like magic. We have all happy ending. Thanks to YatoSL for helping me..
  4. Last friday night:TGIF (When kathy's parents caught them early morning) IGN: sweetest
  5. Plan for 2015 Go back home to the province and stay with my grandparents in a moment. Lets take a break from the city and feel freshly nature of farms and trees. IGN: pimpim
  6. We love Vera. Did you know that she can be a joker.. I like to share with you one of her jokes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR1Azt1o9W8 Check this Topic for details :D http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=22108
  7. Christmas is nearly coming fast.. Sharing this picture. I'm with GM Veracity :) I made this signature before for my christmas signature. Hope you like it!
  8. Dear friends. Where are you now? I'm planning to be back after christmas break. Please comment who are still alive :P If not, maybe I'll change my mind and be the inactive priest ever.

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    2. Rayray


      Still alive here.

    3. Ochibi


      Hey i am semi new hehe hope i can see u in game kitkat hehe

    4. Garrosh Hellscream

      Garrosh Hellscream

      Add me! IGN: Garrosh Hellscream

  9. Since I don't really have time to make my screenshot freshly in-game. I like to enter my previous entry, since the screenshot that i have is suitable on the theme. I hope this won't affect on the criteria for judging specifically on Originality for that matter of reasoning. Thank you :) Theme: Singing Silent night~ with the angels up high. IGN: kitkat
  10. This is what GM does while hiding, They summons the zombies to attack you. XD
  11. IGN: kitkat Theme: Once upon a time in niflheim town. (Cinderella's halloween version) Check out the partial story.
  12. IGN: kitkat Spot on Fcity IGN: Baby Ciara IGN:Pastries Knock! Knock! Delivery!! IGN:pimpim Act like NPC :)
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