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Found 15 results

  1. choktober

    Weapon Bugs.

    The sword just keeps replacing the main gauche in the right instead of going to the left hand
  2. Legendary Weapon Quest You have to be a Forsaken Knight in order to do this quest View the effects of the Legendary Weapons in here! Step 1, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Torn Magic Book (dropped by Elder at tha_t04) 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla at ra_san02) 1 Old Magicbook (dropped by Bathory at alde_dun04) 1 Level 7 Cookbook (dropped by Evil Druid at gl_church) 1 Memory Book (dropped by Agav at 1% chance located in ra_san05) Note: The Memory Book should have NO SLOT 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] (dropped by Elder at 10% chance located in tha_t04) 1 Legendary Book of Charms (dropped by Gajomart at 20% chance located in gld_dun01) Step 2, fcity 60 163 Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books. Step 3, prt_in 171 51 Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian. Step 4, prt_in 161 61 Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf. Step 5, geffen_in 173 104 Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen. Step 6, geffen_in 177 114 Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf. Step 7, lou_in01 41 143 Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library. Step 8, lou_in01 33 148 Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf. Step 9, payon_in03 121 125 Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library. Step 10, payon_in03 122 131 Get the Codex Regis from the shelf. Step 11, fcity 60 163 Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her. Step 12, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Once you're finished, let the Knight Master know you're finished with your first mission. On your second, you'll need to hunt down a thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens. Step 13, for_fild06 240 147 Talk to the Thief. He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master: 400 Feathers (dropped by Fabre at prt_fild06) 300 Iron (dropped by Pitman at for_mine01 or by Goblin at gef_fild11) 100 Soft Silks (dropped by Wicked Nymph at gon_dun03) 100 Bags of Grain (Buyable at @go 7, through Chef Assistant) 100 Coals (dropped by Pitman at for_mine01) 50 Delivery Packages (dropped by Alice at kh_dun01) 50 Dried Fruit Boxes (dropped by Aliza at kh_dun01) 50 Grilled Rice Cakes (dropped by Rice cake boy at gon_fild01) 25 Flavored Alcohol (dropped by Evil Nymph at gon_dun03) 25 Bags of Gold Coins (dropped by Goblin MI #1122 at gef_fild11) 10 Battered Kettles (dropped by Waste Stove at ein_dun02) 1 Oridecon Anvil (dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen at lhz_dun03) Step 14, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Return to the Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission: compensating the citizens who were robbed. Step 15, fcity 21 138 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 16, fcity 142 64 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 17, fcity 155 183 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 18, fcity 145 121 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 19, for_elite 100 97 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished. Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger: 1 Oridecon Anvil 100 Coal 300 Iron 1 Books on Legendary Weapons 100,000,000 Zeny Step 20, Part I, for_elite 128 101 or inside the Knight Temple at fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger, and he'll ask for the following materials: 300 Burning Hearts (dropped by Magmaring at ve_fild03) 200 Live Coals (dropped by Blazer at mag_dun01) 15 Enriched Elunium (See Below) 15 Enriched Oridecon (See Below) 1 Hammer of Blacksmith (dropped by Minorous at moc_pryd05) How to get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon? To get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon, you must go inside the Forsaken Mine. Step 1, go to for_fild01 236 20 go to for_fild01 236 20, go inside then hunt for pitmans. You will need to carry alot of Old Picks with you. Step 2, Look for a Mining Spot Look for a mining spot, then start your mining. There is a small chance for you to get Enriched Elunium and Oridecon so make sure that you are carrying alot of Old Picks with you. And that's it! You got yourself an Enriched Elunium and Oridecon Continuing~ Step 21, Part II To proove your worth, you must then return with: 1 Hero's Remain (dropped by Lost Dragon in abyss_02)
  3. Since this server doesn't have custom axe valk. weapon option for sinx. Would like to suggest it anyway :3 The effects would be like this, Critical axe: AGI+30, LUK+40, STR+50, critical rate+30, 10%-30% autocast meteor assault while doing physical damage/enable LV5 maximize power skill, aspd+30(+40 would be better coz of lacking aspd while equipped by sinx :3), Unbreakable. Soul breaker axe(sets with loki's infernal dagger): STR+40, AGI+15, VIT+20, INT+60, aspd+20, increase soul breaker damage by 60%, Unbreakable. Hope GM'S and players supports it(lets hear ur thoughts too btw :3)
  4. Hello Guys, Sorry If i Suggest to much and if I am a bit of Inconvenience to y'all. But, I just want to make "Fro" better. So, Here is another Suggestion. PS. Guys, this is different suggestion compare to the Sinx Katar. That suggestion is about bringing back the Katar Crit type. "This suggestion is All about All-in one Sinx Bless Set Suggestion". I want this Suggestion to be Specific as possible. I Thought of this suggestion for days and hours. I hope you like it guys. Thank you :) OBJECTIVE: to make Sinx Bless More Interesting and Fun. Not too OP or Nerf. But, Balance Comparing it to the Curse Set. IDEA: To Make Sinx Bless Set Have The correct Stat distribution, To Fix The Wasted Stat in The Items and to Improved it overall comparing to the Curse/O.Dex/Loki and ETC. Okay guys Lets begin our discussion. #1. Pertaining to the Bless Ring/Scarf/Jacket and ETC. #2 Compare it to the Curse Bless/Ring/Jacket Etc. If I were going to choose between the two I would Choose The Curse Ring because it has more benefit compare to the Bless. If you don't agree about this I have an illustration of stat Comparing the Crit of Bless. As you can see here, the Bonus Crit was not necessary because we already have high crit in the first place and we dont need to put luk anymore because we already have enough crit. So, My Propose Effect Would be Like this; Here is my Propose Effect. As you can see, I remove the Crit + 30 and replace it with 10% more dmg with critical Attack. why 10%? we should have put 20%? No, 10% is the balance one. but, I cant say for sure only gm has the Freedom to test this. Another Question. Why didn't you just put 10% more damage to demi-human or Atk +8%? Answer: 10% More damage to demi-human can be abuse by not just crit user but thana users. Answer: Atk+8% Would only serve as the same purpose as curse ring so it is not a good idea. So the best answer should be + critical damage. it has more sense that way. So that way, Sinx Bless Ring/jacket/scarf would serve a purpose. nowadays crit users will choose curse compare to the bless. because, the crit+30 isn't really helpful. Next One. O.Crit Vs. O.Dex As you can see, The O.Dex has The Significant Advanatage Compare to O.Crit. Vs. Question: The O.dex has only slight stat change and additional effect compare to o.crit there is no problem with it. Answer: No, There is a problem. O.dex can be used with thana and Loki with additional advanatage. Because With Loki: STR + 15, AGI + 15, VIT + 10, INT + 15, ATK + 5.Unbreakable.[Black Oriental Dexterity Sword] STR + 10, VIT + 20, Max HP + 10%Increase damage to demihuman by 10%. it has more additional effect and The O.dex has the Effect of Sniper Card. That Effect of Sniper Card helps the Survival of the O.dex Class. So, I research A lot on the Old Suggestion on this forum and going back to the past. There is an argument pertaining that O.crit should have the same effect as o.dex Like Sniper Card But It is not possbile because it would destroy the purpose of it. We already bring Back The O.Dex Back to life but many people complaining about the O.crit and its lack of stat. If we Boost the O.crit Stat to the point that it would over power the O.dex The O.dex would lose its purpose again. its like a Paradox So Going Back to Others People Opinion. We only need to thread the O.crit or the weapon softly so we won't make it too op. Old Fenrir's Effect Str + 8 Agi + 8 Luck + 8 Max SP + 15%Increase damage on demihumans by 5%Increase damage on Small sized monsters by 10% Old O.Crit Effect Agi + 20, Luk + 30, Str + 20,Critical rate + 30, Perfect Dodge + 10,Increase damage on Demihumans by 15%, ASPD + 5,Unbreakable. So, My Propose Idea Would Be Like This; Agi + 20, Luk + 30, Str + 20,Critical rate + 30, Perfect Dodge + 10,Increase damage on Demihumans by 15%, ASPD + 5,Unbreakable. + the New Effect I Propose ( Reference of Effect is Vanberk Card) As you can see, The Fenrir Has more additional now, but comparing it to loki, loki has more bonus than fenrir. O.dex with thana has more benefit of survival because of its sniper card. Perfect combination of O.Dex Hitter + Lifesteal. So, What would come first in mind when you hear the word Crit Card? Paper Card? No. Obviously its Vanberk Card. But, We don't Need the Additional 100 Crit. So, I change it to 10% More dmg with critical attack. So, Now Lets Comapre the Two Weapon with this Effect O.Dex+Loki = More Survival Because of Sniper Card Effect. O.Crit+Fenrir= More Damage Compare to Last time but won't survive that long compare to O.dex's Life steal. Would O.Crit Be Op that way? No, As an Experience Crit Typle Player. The Extra Effect on O.Crit (Vanberk+paper Effect) is not that op. it only triggers in certain percentage chance % We need to tread it so that i wont be too op. (Like maybe Lower than Vanberk's percent chance or Rangris 1% or lower.) That Way we don't destroy Both Weapon's Purpose. I Like to Hear your Opinion guys about this. Thanks For Taking Time to Read this ^_^ I Really Appreciate it. and Also Sorry for Suggesting Too much I just want to make Fro Better.
  5. OBJECTIVE - is to make Sinx Crit build more Effective on PVP,PVM,and ETC IDEA - So, My Idea is to make a Katar Weapon sole purpose for Crit Build Sinx. (More info Below) Introduction- What is Critical Hit? Critical Hit is a normal attack hit that ignores the Def and Flee of the victim. However, it does not ignore Perfect Dodge. Critical Hit Rate: The Critical Hit rating, which increases damage by 40%. Offensive skills do not take CRIT into account except for a few exceptions like Focused Arrow Strike. Critical Hit also ignores Flee rate but not Perfect Dodge nor DEF. Critical Hit Rate is doubled when wielding a Katar type weapon. So, My suggestion is why not make a Crit Katar Weapon for Sinx Bless Crit build? I research some bit and said Crit Benefits more from katar. Also, Its senseful to use Crits with Katar, since their crit value is doubled if they happen to use katar class weapons. However, crits can be useful for other classes too, such as sniper. Crit is best used on a katar assassin, but some other classes can benefit greatly from SOME crit(but not as much as a sinx would). Also, Katar is 2 handed weapon so my suggestion would be like this; I tried Experimenting at first with this 3 weapon. As you can see Katar is 2 handed so we cant use friggs. but, we want maximum damage output on it. Reference: Assassin Cross Oriental Crit Sword [4] Agi + 20, Luk + 30, Str + 20, Critical rate + 30, Perfect Dodge + 10, Increase damage on Demihumans by 15%, ASPD + 5, Unbreakable. Kitty Claws [4] Cast delay rate -10%, -10% damage taken from all enemies, +10% Max SP, +15 vit/dex. Unbreakable. Fenrir’s Feral Dagger [4] Str + 8 Agi + 8 Luck + 8 Max SP + 15% Increase damage on demihumans by 5% Increase damage on Small sized monsters by 10% My Suggestion. Katar [4] (2 hand) (Not yet Final Just a reference) Agi+ 28 or 30 Luk+ 38 or 40 Str+ 38 or 40 Max Hp+ 10% Critical rate + 30 (reference on O.Crit) Perfect Dodge + 10 (reference on O.Crit) Vit+ 15 (reference Kitty Claw) Max SP + 15% (reference on Fenrir Dagger.) -10% or 15% damage taken from all enemies (Reference on Kitty Claw, If possible a little bit more like 15% so we can survive more) Inflict 40% more damage with Critical attacks. (Reference for left hand weapon for sinx dagger 2Paper) Increase damage on Demihumans by 20% (reference on fenrir dagger and o.crit) Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 35%. or 40% (reference on left hand weapon for sinx dagger 2TG) Increase damage on Small sized monsters by 10% (reference on Fenrir Dagger) Reduced damage of Sonic Blow by ??% (by cetain percentage so it wont be op while using it with sonic blow) New Suggestion Effect Of Katar; (Updated) Str + 30 Luk + 40 Agi + 30 Critical rate + 30 Perfect Dodge + 15 ASPD + 5 Receive more damage from demihuman by 10% Increase damage on Demihumans by 20% Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Inflict 50% more damage with Critical attacks. Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 30-40% Reduced damage of Sonic Blow by ???% (render SB useless) as you can see here if i put the same stat as o.crit the o.crit will lose its purpose instead i put berserk. the lk card has reduce hp but instead i put 10% More damage taken cause they have no shield so they need more hp. tbh lk card is most useful by sinx and the appearance of amad and bijou including f.sold card makes the slot for lk card not needed. so, to avoid making o.crit dead we should make weap that will not make o.crit dead and will also be useful to sinx. Additional information: I added those dmg so that we can benefit from it more because 2 handed katar has only 4 slot compare to dual weapon 8Slot This cannot be used with thana if you think it would be op with thana user. it has luck and crit rate and thana user benefits from normal attack. If it would be to op using Sonic Blow Why not* reduce dmg of it while using this weapon? If possible guys you can suggest more to it i feel this is not complete or incomplete. I like to make crit build sinx better thats my insight.
  6. Just some questions: 1. What are the different types of builds that a Lord Knight can have? 2. Recommended armor, weapons, head gears etc 3. Recommended cards 4. Recommended stats 5. Recommended skills to use 6. General tips / guide Thank you! :)
  7. 1. Does TG, Inca, or Mao Guai cards affect Acid Bomb damage? 2. What cards affect acid bomb damage?
  8. cswarlord

    B> L. Arrow Set

    B> L. Arrow Set Pm me in Game : iStarter Leave best lowest price
  9. Guys, first i dont have thana, so please let me know what can i use as an alternative for my LK? is there a big difference having a thana? i am a BB type LK.
  10. GM, I suggest that you should make different weapon for Gunslinger. Like Rifle Shotgun , ETC. so, that we can use the unusable skills. the only weaopon i know is Valis Destroyer. you should make another for rifle shotgun and etc. :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx:
  11. im playing high wizard and want to know what is the reward for complete forsaken knight ? do they give knight equipment or what?
  12. hi to all im new here and im looking for guides and good advices does ELVEN BOW exist on our server thanks god bless
  13. >BUYING FORSAKEN CHAMPION MACE< Splendid. HTF = IGN Post Price and IGN tnx,
  14. Johan

    S> Stalker Sb

    I Selling Stalker SB, Valkyrie Weapon, Like a 750 O Offer me :D Pm at --> Walkind Dead
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