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  1. Hi Guys! I am terribly sorry to disappoint but this shop is close for now until I ever return to fRO again! I’m busy playing animal crossing and you can check out my insta here @c.aramilly and you can pm me there for out-of-game business 🙂. Thank you so much and pray hard that I’ll ever come back playing Ragnarok so I can continue making Siggys for you guys hahah! Love yalls ❤️
  2. how to handle the pressure of being viral? lolol

    1. Ebisu


      so popular :O ~ 

  3. Yo man thanks for the mention! Would probably bought this if I'm not inactive hahah.
  4. Caramilly

    This Or That?

    wtf dude HAHHAAH. -- Round Earth lmaoO Kill the entire cockroaches population or Kill the entire spider population
  5. True! Pancake any day any night! TPBM loves Baby Shark, the song
  6. Caramilly

    This Or That?

    Non-alcoholic. I have very low tolerance for alcohol ? Back Street Boys or Westlife
  7. Caramilly

    This Or That?

    wired, always stay connected ? broccoli or carrot
  8. False, not a fan of dragon ball XD TPBM prefers coffee over tea
  9. True but not exactly true cause she's back in my hometown ? TPBM is bored
  10. Thank you Estrella ❤️ ! Always welcome ❤️ It's open now miss !!! Hi Everyone!! Till now I've made 3 Orders in the span of 2 weeks! and have donated 180 Tokens for the newbies ? The shop will be open for another 3 slots until 21st December. Reserve yours now to get it before Christmas ~
  11. Thank you for the support ❤️❤️ Ok guys, I'll be free again after I finish Miss Ebi's order + 1 more kind sir ? . Closed till further notice. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT ❤️
  12. You're right. I do love fashion, cute stuff A LOT. But I'm sorry as much as I love the idea, I'm not really in for this haha. Except for the fact I have to spend more money, I'll explain myself why I'm not in for it. By having costumes covering your items, it means that I wouldn't be able to see what my opponents are wearing. Example someone is using a redux set, I wouldn't know that they're using redux and I'd just be wondering why are my attacks so low. So I'm probably the only one who's against this lmao. Just my opinion.
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