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  1. Introducing ForsakenRO's Strongest This will replace our weekly PvP ladder, the difference now is that ladder will reset on a MONTHLY basis. Rewards:Top 1 = 30 PvP TokensTop 2 = 20 PvP TokensTop 3 = 15 PvP TokensTop 4 = 10 PvP TokensTop 5 = 5 PvP Tokens fRO's Strongest punishment: 1st offense: 1 week of jail and the offender will not receive current and/or pending rewards. 2nd offense: 2 weeks of jail and same as above. 3rd offense: 1 month of jail and same as above. fRO's Strongest rules: 1. Fabricating kills and death is not allowed. (Feeding for someone or killing a feeder) 2. If any of the top 5 players are guilty of feeding/cheating, the next in line will take their spot and will be rewarded accordingly. Thanks to [GM]Titan, [GM]Death and [GM]Tenjin for helping out with this changes. If you guys have any suggestions/feedback send us a message on our #suggestion channel in ForsakenRO Discord.
  2. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 566 (10/19/19) - (10/26/19) 1. Kagerou Hikari 2. Cloud Strike Again 3. Broly Week 567 (10/26/19) - (11/02/19) 1. Minnie 2. Kagerou Hikari 3. Public Enemy No.1 Week 568 (11/02/19) - (11/09/19) 1. Minnie 2. Cuhzology 3. Loki Week 568.5 (11/09/19) - (11/13/19) There was a misunderstanding on our end on this week, we reset the ladder by mistake, we apologize. 1. Not Enrique 2. Kuneho 3. Java Script Reporting Week 569 (11/13/19) - (11/16/19) 1. Kuneho 2. Public Enemy No.1 3. Cuhzology SOCO, BR33ZY, Yoso banned from ladder for 1 month, blatant feeding in two different weeks of ladder Burnik sa tumbong banned from ladder for 2 weeks, blatant feeding Rasta, therock also getting 2 week pvp ladder ban -ERZA- Permanently banned from ladder AGAIN feeding with eat_me Law' Banned from ladder for 2 weeks feeding with eat_me Eat_Me banned from ladder for 2 weeks
  3. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 553 (7/19/19) - (7/26/19) 1.Broly 2. JON F%CKEN ZHERKA 3. Eat Me Week 554 (7/26/19) - (8/02/19) 1. Brianology 2. JON F%CKEN ZHERKA 3. Broly
  4. Presents... Forsaken Lair Introducing a brand new custom dungeon for Guilds. In order to get into the Forsaken Lair each guild willing to go inside will need to pay 1.000 forsaken tokens to get access to the dungeon FOR ONE WEEK. There's 4 different maps where you can hunt monsters, farm Forsaken Lair tokens and find some new MvPs inside. Fight Night "1v1 me for account" is now easier to settle with our new event Fight Night, this is simple, a small map where two players will be able to duel to death while everyone else is watching! Volund the Smith This new NPC will let you trade in your extra Valkyrie weapons and Infernal Capes for extra stats for your WHOLE ACCOUNT Valk weapons Tier 1: 2% ATK / MATK Tier 2: 4% ATK / MATK Tier 3: 6% ATK / MATK Capes Tier 1: 3% MAX HP Tier 2: 6% MAX HP Tier 3: 10% MAX HP New Monthly Collectibles Six new monthly collectibles are now available in the Tokenshop:Popcorn Hair, Cat ears of Love, Peony Ornament, Sakura Mermaid, Anniversary Hat and Strike CaptainAvailable for a limited time only, so get them before they're gone! Tokenshop Sales 60$ for 3 Valkyrie Weapons! Available in the Tokenshop for a limited time only. Choose up to 6 books for 80$! Available in the Tokenshop for a limited time only. Changelog Removed pvp tokens and books as reward for BG. Left pvp tokens in KVM only. Reduced skill delay on Professor's Fire/Cold/Lightning bolts. Fixed a bug where you'd get double rewards in Tierra Valley. Cant Backslide in Flavius/Tierra anymore. Disabled the following reduction items for Professor class : All feather beret colors, Legendary SGW, Grand Peco Hairband, Fluffy Wings, Improved elephant hat , Eidelic Wings, Ghostring hat Refined Devi hat, Combat Knife ,Sacred Wings, Laughing poo poo hat, Improved Poring tower hat. KVM pvp token price went from 45 KVM tokens to 65 KVM tokens. Stalker Cursed ring and its variants: Increase matk% from 15% to 25% Non-Donation: Increase matk% from 10% to 15%. Stalker Blessed ring and its variants: Increase 10% ranged damage Taekwon Cursed ring: Reduce Tornado kick damage from 350% to 275% Star Gladiator Guardian Ring: Increased Counter Kick damage from 100% to 175% Non Donation: Decrease Counter Kick damage from 175% to 100% Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Tenjin for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Moogle for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Moon for the login screen. Coding and fixes by Genesis. And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
  5. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 552 (7/12/19) - (7/19/19) 1. Broly 2. Phantom Troupes 3. Brocoly
  6. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 551 (7/05/19) - (7/12/19) 1. Brianology 2. John Wick 3. Broly
  7. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 550 (6/27/19) - (7/05/19) 1. Brianology 2. Broly 3. Minnie.
  8. Ebisu

    B> Somebodys Love

    I'll sell you mine
  9. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 548 (6/13/19) - (6/20/19) 1. Not Enrique 2. Brianology 3. JON F%CKEN ZHERKA Week 549 (6/20/19) - (6/27/19) 1. Broly 2. Brianology 3. Brocoly
  10. You can use The Paper card that has the same exact effect
  11. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 546 (5/31/19) - (6/06/19) 1. B r 3 3 z y 2. Brianization 3. JON F%CKEN ZHERKA -Skyler- banned from pvp ladder for feeding in for_fild01 Week 547 (6/06/19) - (6/13/19) 1. JON F%CKEN ZHERKA 2. Brianization 3. B r 3 3 z y
  12. For sure, we're willing to improve all of the unused rings so they have the same relevance as the rest. Just tag me on any thread/comment with suggestions and i'll check it out.
  13. Just implemented a hotfix regarding Norn's blessing for Paladins The 200 vit cap was removed only for this class They have an unique effect now, when you wear 2 norn's blessing of the same stat, you will get 6% damage reduction Also, PvP tokens in KvM were lowered from 70 to 45 kvm tokens, and we added PvP tokens in Flavius for 70 flavius tokens
  14. 35% physical attack to all elements, just like Turtle General.
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