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  1. Ebisu

    Can't connect

    Try this 1- Right click patcher + setup + fkenro.exe , go to Settings, then click the Compatibility tab 2- Check in the lower part where it says https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454431864610881567/526824718469169152/unknown.png 3- Also, in the same window, setup the compatibility mode on this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454431864610881567/526824871322189845/unknown.png 4- After you've done all that, open Setup and set your desired resolution. 5- If the problem continues, then lower your resolution to see if that fixes the issue 6- If none of the above work, be more specific and send us a screenshot of your error message
  2. Download our All In One installer and run the game through the game folder, not a shortcut.
  3. You are practically buying a DA, since thats all the materials you need to make a dragon armor. People sell DAs for 5k By buying 2 DH you're getting 5k extra fame, and also you need a rank 3 character to make a DA. If you already have a rank 3 dragonist, and you dont mind spending 2k~2.2k on 2 DH then... 7 pvp tokens go for 120 ea x 7 = 840 tokens , you can round it up to 900 since price varies. 2 DH = 1k ~1.1k each = 2k ~ 2.2k All materials = 1k? so 4.1k tokens If you don't have a tier 3 dragonist you'll need 1 more DH ... from tier 0 to tier 3 you need 9k fame so 5.2k tokens approximately.
  4. Welcome back! You'll most likely need this to get back in track. http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/35280-newbie-guide-fro-by-noob-king/
  5. help in the idea please

    1. Ebisu


      We will think about this. Jade ice emperium aurora will be available soon, through Mystery Box.

  6. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 531 (2/15/19) - (2/23/19) 1.Calm Like a Bomb2. Brianology 3. -Sylv-
  7. Sadly I could not fix the issue that appeared when i modified the sprite files, I would have to make the sprites from scratch and that is not productive, I'll focus on the new content for the next update instead. Sorry guys ?
  8. If you thought the issue was the cards, then you should've equipped both weapons without cards. That's what I did, tyr shuriken does give 5 more ASPD than its legendary counterpart. So, the effect doesn't seem to be shown in the description, but there's definitely a script.
  9. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 530 (2/8/19) - (2/15/19) 1.Thirty First.2. Calm Like a Bomb 3. Master.
  10. Ebisu


    Hello @DragMeToHell, please file a Support Request here https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/
  11. Several members of the community wanted Rune of Power to look a little bit more solid. Pros in my opinion is that it looks pretty epic with the solid color, the only downside is that this aura is very big, might block a little bit too much and could potentially be annoying to the eye. Cast your votes, I'll change it the way you guys want it and show you results here and in Discord.
  12. This is being discussed on discord, most likely the schedule of wednesday's BG will be changed to make it more appropiate for asian players.
  13. We will look into this, I think it's an interesting idea. I think MvPing is very boring, if we add MvP boxes or any other kind of reward I think the HP of all MvPs should be increased to actually be challenging. Downside would be a non-geared player won't be able to MvP unless they get at least legendary gears, forcing them to farm in their first few days of joining the server, which could be a good or a bad thing. If you guys got more input on this it'll be appreciated. What do you guys think? Is my idea good or bad? Do you have a better idea? What drops should this box have?
  14. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 529 (2/1/19) - (2/8/19)1. [email protected]`2. Calm Like a Bomb3. iAnton
  15. Welcome ! Like i mentioned on discord this made me laugh more than I thought it would x). Hope you have an enjoyable time here, message me on discord if you need any help concerning the game.
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