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    1. niemono89


      wb, muax~


    2. Harmony


      Welcome back~~ ❤️

  2. @Yatogami booty shake! :o
  3. Megumi.

    Count To Infinity

  4. "Always" I'm not gonna cry. Definitely not gonna cry *cries*
  5. First try troubleshooting the Setup.exe then click the recommended settings after that try to test it or open it if it doesn't work, try changing the LUA thingy and "try" playing in a small screen?( I forgot what you call it, computer is kinda broken atm :x) Well thats it apparently and somehow it worked for me xD Hope you get the play this awesome server and to see you in-game!(hopefully my computer will make a speedy recovery xD)
  6. Megumi.

    Price Check Pls

    Angel c and devil c? o-o i'm not sure
  7. I'm a puny baby, Yes! I am. I just wanna poke you with my puny spear. :>

  8. Megumi.

    Price Check Pls

    5 ~ 10 toks c: don't have one sarreh :v
  9. well there are automated events such as dice, lms, and the crazy chicken thingy but is it hourly? not really sure it just pops up on the screen out of nowhere. More of a daily rotation I guess or twice in a day. As for the GM hosting event, well ehh there are some gms who are kinda active like Euphy, Armstronk, Danger and many awesome GMs. Maybe its because you go online at the wrong time xD Its a hit and miss for sure :th_ok: :th_heh:
  10. kinda forgot how to do it but.. ehhh try troubleshoot-> Setup -> compatibility something try running as admin -> Fkenro.exe
  11. yep, I even sing along or dance :th_meow: TPBM - thinks Samuel L. Jackson is FABULOUS!! :th_e2:
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