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  1. well that was fun :)

  2. How do we use the vouchers? It's probably written somewhere but I can't find it. I tried clicking it and nothing happens. Also is there any reason why vouchers are not tradeable? It's not worth much if we don't have the item to exchange it with and we can't sell it
  3. SELLING: infernal capes and variants valk weapons accessories Preferably tokens but I'm accepting trades if you have a good offer. Please pm me in game ign: Mega Strello
  4. hi

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    2. Yatogami


      bass is still there xD

    3. TheScientist


      well i go to every woe and i dont see any of his chars lol. Do u still play?

    4. qperteplex


      bass is still in japan on vacation. he was there starting 2 weeks ago? this week is his 3rd week i think and he said hes gonna be back by the weekend

  5. But it wasn't like this before. I'll show you right now if you come to fild
  6. That's really weird cause my spam on GS is so OP and i dont even have pingzapper on yet. I'll use it on tonight's WOE to get some attention, I really think it needs nerf
  7. I just tested Gunslinger Cursed using Desperdo. It's insanely strong, I think we should put the nerf back
  8. +33 Stats, 7% max HP and +4% demi human damage is a bit too much in comparison to other mid headgears/ auras. I hope that there will be counterparts for the other auras (skull aura, butterfly aurora, lighthalzen aura etc..) because otherwise everyone will end up wearing Emp Aura. And if also possible a quest for legendary aura with similar effects. I'm just here thinking for the new players, it would be very hard to compete if they only have +20 stats aura
  9. The majority of my guildmates have been either banned or hacked. There were several who got banned talking about the gepard and the rest from using the broadcaster lol? Then last week several of my guildmates got hacked not just fro but also facebook accounts so I don't blame the others if they don't wanna stay around anymore. Not to mention the amount of trashtalk we get after we lose, it's crazy no GM stops it. The worst part is when our members talk back, they get jailed/banned so they can't even express how they feel.

    We still had 3-4 castles even after gepard was implemented so that was not the problem lol. It's not that we don't want to WoE anymore, but it's because they're gone and tbh idk if i wanna stick around and wait until i get hacked or banned for some funny reason. I'm not blaming anyone, could've been coincidence that we got trimmed down in numbers. Stop hating on SS guild or even PE guild. All we wanted was to have fun and we always attacked the heavily guarded castle cause our leader Mel wants action even if we lose or get wiped, we also didn't care if we lost eco just as so everyone has fun. We not saying we are the stronger guild and we want to take the better castle. No, we just attack to keep it intense and fun but now we don't even have enough members to fight back which is why we stopped. It's not as fun anymore as when it was an all out war. Still though, not gonna lie 8 castles is an amazing feat so i have to say congrats. But for me I don't care much about the castle drops so i'll wait until there are more competition and I believe thats what my other guildmates are thinking too hence we are not active in woe. Oh and the hacker please stop, we surrender we quit stop attacking us please kk thanks bye. peace y'all

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    2. TheScientist


      You're right, there's nothing wrong with reaching your goals as a guild. You have monopoly over GvG, Battle Royals, and now WoE castles and nothing wrong with it in fact that's pretty amazing but you know you can have all those and still be gracious winners

      Idk what PE did or how much they talked trash but it doesn't mean you guys have to do the same? Personally as one of the leaders in our guild I always spam in guild chat not to trash talk win or lose. It could be funny for a bit but minutes and minutes after every WoE it's not that amusing. I'm not looking for pity or picking up a fight here, I am merely explaining why people were quitting  (bans/hacks/one sided-trashtalks). I made this post so the rumors that our guild died because of gepard would stop.

    3. B u m b l e B e e

      B u m b l e B e e

      If there's a competition on GvG, BR, and Woe, we won't dominate those events. 

      I admit that I talk back whenever I see someone disrespecting my guild. Back when we were a small guild, every time PE gets castle and WS don't, they keep trash talking us even if we don't say anything. That's why many people hate PE players because they are so cocky. I like your guild when you did not merge with PE bro. Every time you get castle, we congratulate you and we are so proud, but since PE merged with you, their bad image stayed with them and made yours bad too. No disrespect on your part bro. I'm just stating a fact

    4. Maiimaii


      S> Popcorn xD S/M/L

  10. GM Genesis great job on implementing the Jepard shield. Didn't think it would actually happen, the results are game changing. Yes we might lose players who relied on cheats but at the same time there will be more people returning if they hear this news. Congrats and keep it up <3

  11. I was gonna say that. What the f is this !? Such disappointment I hope Jepard keeps getting updated to counter these "tweaks"
  12. I'm buying as a set not just the scarf or ring
  13. B> Priest G. Ring/scarf/jacket with Strike Eagle (i prefer ring tho if possible) Paying PURE!!! pm Mini Troller or look for me @go 18
  14. Update on this? Please just move the NPC elsewhere?
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