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  1. No one gets banned so what's the point of reporting?
  2. To control the amount of seeds/yggs someone can have, I had an idea to SS the storage(showing your seeds+yggs) and your inventory(also showing your seeds+yggs), and after youre done ss'ing, you can't log off, or youll be disqualifed, and then send it to the referee( GM or player we can trust) and wait for his approval. If we do it fast it shouldn't take more than 1-3 minutes. Or what we can do is have thread here in the forums and post the screenshots there, so everyone whos participating on the bet would be able to see as well.
  3. A thana FB doesnt do 40-60k. It 1-shots people. This new GS is clearly overpowered And the spam is waaaay too fast for that high dmg output. It's faster than FAS. w t f
  4. Yea that's why I said limited supply, I was thinking maybe 3-5 restocks? Dunno, maybe we'll vote on it And about the match fixing, I was thinking this event will be mostly done between friends or rivals that want to duke it out fairly. Maybe get a GM as a referee?
  5. So I was at fild with some friends and these Champions were fighting each other, and ( Credits to: 6 God™ and Mini Strello) were basically betting tokens on each champion that was fighting, so I joined in too. So i had this idea to make it an event, like Gladiator style, or like a Fight Club, where basically: -People who want to fight must apply beforehand (limited, can be 2,4 or maybe 6, but not any more because itll take a long time). -The applicants will fight in a tournament style 1v1. -The fighters will get paid depending on the amount that they have bet on. So about betting on a fighter: -Every player that bets must bet the same amount of tokens -They will receive an increase of the tokens they bet back (if you bet 10 tokens, and your fighter wins u get 15 tokens, the other 5 goes the fighter who won) This doesn't have to be like the other events that a GM needs to watch like GvG or BR. It just needs players who want to fight, people who are willing to bet on a fighter and maybe a gm so he can handle the tokens. (or even someone who's trustworthy enough to hold the tokens) The only problem I see is getting a map that will let them 1v1 and people(the betters) can watch without interfering, but I think there's definitely a map that fits those requirements and I trust you guys to find it ;D . Another thing, it must be jobs that are fun to watch like Champ vs Champ, not something boring like LK vs LK. If it's Champ vs Champ (which I'm guessing it will be most likely Champ vs Champ) it must be fair. No Lex, No Stone, nothing cheap. Each fighter must have equal amounts of Yggs and Seeds. They can have them on storage and they can restock but they must have equal amounts of both ygg+seed. It will all depend on your skill.
  6. -1 This will destroy the economy, simply because you want "free items" (which you can quest) to have the same stats as donation items. It's just plain dumb. If you want variety while using the Vote Set, then +1 this suggestion http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32120-make-expansion-hats-stack-with-the-vote-set-effect/ For the use of Exp Hats while using a Vote Set. .
  7. I really do think that allowing this will create more donators, because new players will start by getting the Vote Set and not even think about donating for a Exp Hat since they can't use it with the Vote Set, but allowing this will help them have a diversity in their character and think about donating. You can't eliminate php, its literally impossible. People will eventually get tired of this game, and sell their items for real money.You can't control that.
  8. @theanother can you state your reasons for being against it?
  9. No the set won't work, it will only work with a Vote Valk Helm, and that's why I made this suggestion http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32120-make-expansion-hats-stack-with-the-vote-set-effect/#entry336331. If you'd like the idea of wearing LTD Hats while using the Vote Set +1 it.
  10. I've been thinking about this for a while, why not make the Expansion Hats usable with the Vote Set? I know a lot of people (including myself) that use Vote Sets and are unhappy with the fact that you cant use Exp Hats on them. If you allow the use of Exp Hats with the Vote Set I think more people will start voting to get Vote Sets, which will help the server, and the people that have been voting all this time will actually donate or look for a donator to get a Exp Hat, which will also help the server. In my opinion, the Vote Set is the most efficient aspect of fRO and a lot more people should start using it, and if this suggestion goes through, the fact that you can use Exp Hats while using a Vote Set will increase the users of the Vote Set immensely. The only downfall I can think of is that the demand for the Forsaken King Set will decrease or people are just not gonna buy it anymore, which brings me to my next point. I know people who say that they don't like the Vote Set because you cant transfer them between accounts and to that I say: just buy the normal Fset :) . If you have any arguments against the suggestion then go die, no jk xD, please comment them below. And if you agree with it +1 it and comment why you think its a good idea. lata
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