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  1. 2018, when Pepe got all 9 castles.
  2. You will only need GTB (is not that expensive, you can farm zeny first then buy tokens from other players). For spam freebie gear is enough. Having legendary weapon is good because it gives you Enlarge Weight Limit so you can carry more seeds before reaching overweight. Just put 300 Int, 150 dex and rest goes on Str. Also dont forget to get 4 Kingring Cards (easy drop) on your weapon, to increate your MATTACK.
  3. Totally agree. The server economy is totally destroyed. Its basically hard for new players to sell basic stuffs (mvp cards, seed tix, etc...). Nobody is buying Tokens in tokenshop because just do math and u see it doesnt worth, and also you cant farm for tokens. Basically its a fucked up currency that is just dying and waiting to blow up. New players are just quiting because its hard to follow up.
  4. How this farmer hour works? All maps will have 2x more monsters? Including seed/speed room?
  5. The description is ambiguous. It doesn't increase your attack base, it increase your attack on all enemies. Similar to Turtle General Card. So only your final damage will be increased.
  6. S> LK B RING + FREYR = PURE TOKS I don't sell separately. L/M HERE OR PM ME DURING WOE: Echelön
  7. This need to be balanced asap. Damage output is pretty high, even on woe maps. Or decrease the HP per rune like -15% or Increase delay after cast.
  8. You can come back to thana room if u die or DC. Just talk to the npc again, answer the captcha and there you go.
  9. The main problem is related to the price of tokens itself, at token shop. It does not worth buying token pack, it's to expansive for just a few amounts. Like, for $ 40 you can buy any cape or sword and sell it for 2k tokens, meanwhile for $ 40 you can buy only 1440 Tokens. You see the problem here? Items are becoming more valuable then the token itself, it's like a country with a weak main currency (instead of trading with the main currency you start trading material things for services/products).
  10. Trading my LK Bless Set (Freyr) to Gypsy Bless Set (Whip) + Toks PM ME!
  11. Just press F12 and put your kills on 2nd tap. Then press F12 2 times again to back to First Slot. Then you are able to use /bm
  12. Yes, is still available. FYI its Christmas Village (Warper NPC > Custom Maps > Christmas Village) and NOT Lutie/Xmas
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