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  1. I'm kinda agree with some essence of this suggestion. As far as I concerned from sometimes ago, the sniper play style in this server is lacking what an official server have. Of course this server gonna go a different way with official and the current now is far from what originally is. But regarding this matter I still fond the idea of sniper using his falcon to fight not just shooting mindlessly just like official one. So I kinda agree if the skill such as Blitz Beat and Falcon Assault got buffed in some way or another. You can either buff the weapon itself or specifically one of either ring. I can't come up with the number just yet cause I never try the damage currently dealt by the said skill. And if I remember correctly the the damage dealt by falcon and relevant skill was calculated on INT and the chance of falcon hitting at normal strike was depend on LUK.
  2. +1 if possible. Let's see if anyone can point out the draw back.
  3. From what I tested using Pink Loli Hat that I lent I'm still freezed and I also test the damage on Sniper class and compare it between 3 hats LTD, Loli Hat, Ship Captain Hat. The greatest damage found in Ship Captain Hat, the second was LTD and the lowest was Loli Hat. I found this result weird cause Loli Hat give +10 All Stat and 20% damage on all enemies on Sniper class. I expect the damage would fall a little compared to Ship Captain Hat, but in this case the damage doesn't even compare to LTD. Can you test it to see if I'm mistaken or not. BTW the test I just did it now.
  4. Waiting for a new changes

    1. Ares


      Be excited bro. :)

  5. Some items wasn't as popular as the others. I know not all items can be popular, since in any games there is a word called "meta". But the word meta itself can change depend on the newest update or some crazy peoples who use their brain to think outside the box and shake people "make to believe". So I'll present some unpopular donation items in my concern along with my suggestion on how to buff them. Community might agree or not or even adding more items in their concern as well. 1. Brynhild Valor Current effect: Str + 20, Agi + 20, Vit + 20, MDEF + 7 Suggested buff: Str + 25, Agi + 25, Vit + 25, MDEF + 7 2. Sigrun Valor Current effect: Dex + 20, Int +20, Luk + 20, MDEF + 7 Suggested buff: Dex + 25, Int +25, Luk + 25, MDEF + 7 3. Magical/Brutal/Strinking Hat (40$ worth hat on tokenshop), Magic Eyes Hat, Necromancer Hood, Tengu Hat, Loli Hat, Helm of Darkness, Angel of Ghost Mask Suggested buff: Given anti-freeze effect like Ship Captain Hat I kinda remember this has been suggested before, but I went inactive before that suggestion got responded by any GM if I'm not wrong and didn't know the continuation of the said topics. Before someone shot me down I'll say this before hand, I didn't own any of the items said above since pretty much like everyone else I do think the items not worth used with the current effect.
  6. Back in my days beating a MVP guild in hunting MVP give a great feeling, while now days no MVP guild hardy seen.
  7. Just a little cat girl doin' her usual activity, gambling for her future.
  8. Why no guide for dragonist armor yet? Is it illegal?

  9. He and I also think that the requirement for the armor is too high for what it currently give.
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