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  1. forsakenRO has many events, there are automated events for pvp like LAST MAN STANDING. for team events, there are battle ground, WoE, PVP Ladder, Guild vs Guild, Battle royale
  2. try this. sorry i almost forgot xd
  3. abyss_03 is the best way to farm zeny for me
  4. #1 what is raid? Raid is a map that has waves, each waves have different mobs you need to kill all mobs to clear the wave #2 how difficult is it? can I manage to solo it? or do I need a someone to do it actually? you cant do solo raid if you're raiding to make rings. you need semi to fully geared snipers (8 is the max) #3 what does it look like inside a raid map? is it really big or small? really big, you need cspeed if you want to end it fast #4 are there other quest like this that needs a specific requirement like "raid" if you follow the ring quest guide, you will encounter the fish npc and that triggers the raid #5 (base on question #4) if there is..... is there a specific class that excel (does very good job on doing those specific task overall) on doing all those raid? BIO - SNIPER - Priest #6 (base on question #5) what class and what equipments (Gears,Stuffs and preparations) do I need if I'm going to raid? (Obviously I can't solo a scary dungeon as a priest or assassin that focus on single target") Sniper FAS Type (you can search in the guides) Bio - FCP (Seed restock) Priest - RESU
  5. simply https://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  6. 1. read about the server, tips, etc. 2. farm farm farm and farm. donate if you can 3. treasure box 4. yes, many guilds welcomes newbies 5. depends on how long you farm 6. yes 7. yes 8.yes 9. free to play 10. for me yes
  7. for the nth time. KIMI NO NAWA
  8. awesome guide moly >_< must try BW Soon
  9. Suggest any good montage song pls!
  10. there is a chance that you got chained if you shared your account
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