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  1. Sounds interesting. I haven't been active here for a long time tho so I have no idea about the current market situation.
  2. From previous suggestions I can repeat: Make Thana entrance rng based so every player has a equal chance to get it regardless of ping.
  3. If the timer gets implemented it will be harder for newbees, not easier. The geared players will be there too and just kill you before you can attempt getting the MVP.
  4. Yes multiples of cards work in the same weapon.
  5. It's hard to block/detect, because computers can't detect the difference between hardware input and programs simulating that input. The only thing that would be possible is having a program monitoring the users processes and looking for the autopot program's signature which has legal issues attatched to it.
  6. WAY too overpowered. +40 INT is too much even if it disables the setboni from knight/fking set.
  7. I don't care either way. Every breaker who spends some time on his build can see the effect in a couple of woe and adjust the build accordingly. This is a process that doesn't take a lot of time and should be finished after a couple of months. For any more refinement it's really just spending more time and making/using a automated calculator. Builds will be shared in a guild anyway so if only one person has the best build in that guild everyone will have it. The ideal build spreads extremely fast like that anyway just because people share information. Having emp room will most likely not change the existing builds a lot, because people already know from experience what build to use.
  8. Please use the search function before posting suggestions. This has been suggested several times and the reason for rejection was always the same: This change to aloot command is part of the renewal client and extremely hard to implement on pre-renewal client.
  9. Past efforts are never an excuse to prevent improvement to gameplay. If everyone argues like this the server will never see any change at all. Personally I don't really care if emp test gets implemented or not. It makes little difference for those who have been playing breaker for some time.
  10. Only Kafra and Healer then it's ok.
  11. Turn off the effects with /effect
  12. The server has no dedicated spriter afaik, so we probably won't get custom sprites.
  13. There is difficulty in finding out which users are cheating. Protection programs all carry a risk with them and manual checking is too time consuming. You may think it's easy to find out which users are cheating, but it's not. From a players perspective others often may look like they're cheating, but my guildmates for example often got accused for using 3rd party programs, but they used diabolus and macro keyboards for better spam untill both got banned from the server. I think the GM team don't want to ban anyone who isn't using anything that's not banned (like macros were previously). The problem lies in finding out which players use allowed stuff to get an advantage and those who use banned stuff to do so and this is no easy task. Genesis himself said anyways that all delay changes have only been matching server side with client side, so all delays are currently as they are intended to be. The only problem that remains is ping, which may be unfortunate for some people (me included), but it's the most usable solution given the circumstances.
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