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  • Fate of the Gods III: The Age of Wolves [Vengeance Wolf Fang] Guide




    Many of these coords are just for location reference, some maps are unwarpable so you'll have to explore.

    Please note that you have to need finish Cursed Ring Quest to be able to do this quest!

    Step 1 
    Talk to ship in mosk_fild02 203 54


    Step 2
    Talk to Aegir's Serving Girl


    Step 3
    Talk to Skadi


    Step 4
    Talk to Sigyn to start quest
    and bring alfheim materials :

    1,000 Angelic Magic Powder for_map67

    5 Spirit of Alfheim you get from Lord Ealdun quest

    700 Bomb Mushroom Spore for_map67

    10 Puri Potion chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid

    5 Raffelcino made from Eitri quest

    700 Whire Raffle Sap for_map67

    10 ASPD Poton chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid

    10 Hwerlgimer’s Tonic chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid

    800 Essential Oil for_map67


    Select: I'm a friend of loki
    Select: I am what is this you speak of?
    Select: What happened.
    Select:What can i do to help?
    Select: I'll do everything i can help

    Note: If you cant click the next NPC go back the STEP 4 then talk to Sigyn 5x.



    Step 5
    Talk to Chat Bubble - pay_fild05 182 182


    Step 6
    Walk through the forest going Up , talk to Chat Bubble


    Step 7
    Talk to Ruvyn in the middle  -  You need to pay 100m


    Step 8
    Enter East Portal


    Step 9
    Enter South East Portal


    Step 10
    Enter North East Portal to enter Alfheim



    Step 11
    Talk to Oriel to start Alfheim Raid


    Step 12
    Talk to Eitri inside Alfheim to make Raffelcino Potion
    1,000 White Powder ra_fild08

    1,000 Wind of Verdure yuno_fild09

    600 Yellow Powder ra_fild08

    600 Wing of Dragonfly tur_dun01

    300 Yaga’s Pestle mosk_dun03

    5 Million Zeny


    Step 13
    Enter Portal near Castle and walk straight up enter another portal


    Step 14
    Walk straight Up, look for Lord Ealdun to make Spirit of Alfheim

    500 Ancient Tooth bra_dun01

    500 Cendrawasih Feather for_map67

    500 Cloud Crumb gon_dun03

    400 Elder Branch spl_fild02

    400 Heart of Mermaid bra_dun02

    10 Rose Quartz gl_prison1



    Step 15
    Once you got all materials, Go back to Sigyn and she'll ask you to go to Jotunheim



    Step 16
    Talk to Chat Bubble - ra_fild01 49 139


    Step 17
    Go West and talk to Masked Stranger


    Step 18
    Enter portal North West to reach Jotunheim


    Step 19
    Talk to Bryja somewhere in the middle


    Step 20
    Enter South Portal


    Step 21
    Enter North Portal


    Step 22
    Enter East Portal


    Step 23
    Enter South Portal


    Step 24
    Enter South Portal


    Step 25
    Enter North Portal to reach Utgard


    Step 26
    Talk to Hyrrokin to start Solo Room and kill all Thrym's Guard and talk to her again afterwards


    Step 27
    Enter East Portal


    Step 28
    Talk to Thrym in the Middle and he will ask you to get some materials:
    400 Ymir’s Heart Piece formap43

    400 Armlet of Obedience formap27

    400 Orc Trophy formap43

    400 Orcish Voucher formap27

    400 Oath of Fealty formap43



    Step 29
    Talk to Thrym's Guard behind him to start Jotunheim Endless Tower Raid

    Step 30
    At the end of the raid, Talk to Angrboda and she will ask you different set of materials


    Step 31
    Talk to Angrboda and give the quest materials:
    1,000 Blood Thirst lhz_dun04

    1,000 Blood of Wolf moc_fild03

    5 Essence of Hatred formap81

    5 Hideous Dream prt_maze03

    250 Shadow Orb gef_dun03

    200 Ashes of Darkness

    4 Dusk Glow


    Step 32
    Go back to Sigyn and she will ask you to go to Muspellheim



    Step 33
    Talk to Chat Bubble - juperos_01 174 143


    Step 34
    Go South talk to Chat Bubble


    Step 35
    Enter North East Portal to reach Muspellheim


    Step 36
    Talk to Thrasir

    Step 37
    Talk to Fire Pit to start Raid


    Step 38
    After Fire Pit Raid, talk to Surtr. He will ask you to go to Svartalf



    Step 39
    Talk to Chat Bubble - hu_fild05 195 210


    Step 40
    Talk to Chat Bubble


    Step 41
    Talk to Chat Bubble


    Step 42
    Talk to Chat Bubble


    Step 43
    Enter East Portal


    Step 44
    Talk to Alfonzo the Camel, pay 1m per entry


    Step 45
    Talk to Aminah


    Step 46
    Enter South Portal


    Step 47
    Talk to Haidar to start Underground Mine raid and he will ask you materials to give to Dvallin later on:

    25 Purified Eluminium

    25 Gold Ore

    25 Mythril Ore

    25 Silver Ore

    100 High Density Bradium

    100 Bradium Fragments

    15 Giant Bradium Fragments



    Step 48
    At the end of Underground Mine Raid, talk to Khalid choose 2nd option to go to Nidavilir
    *Look on the map for the position of Khalid


    Step 49
    Go East and talk to Dvallin 


    Step 50
    Enter East Portal


    Step 51
    Enter West Portal to reach Nidavilir

    Step 52
    Go into the City and Enter Portal


    Step 53
    Talk to Berling, he will ask you to bring some materials to make the sword:

    20 Ymir’s Bone Fragments formap60

    1 Heart of Ymir formap60

    1 Anvil of Velund drops from mvp of underground raid

    500 Crystal Fragment ein_dun02

    500 Ancient Rune formap60

    300m Zeny


    Step 54
    Go back to Fire Pit Raid to talk to Surtr and give the sword


    Step 55
    Report back to Sigyn and she will upgrade your accesorry to Cursed Accessories

    There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation
    Please make sure to choose carefully!

    View the stats


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    Can get Rose Quartz in Forsaken Mine using Old Pick (item id 7318)
    Later what you farm Old Pick (item id 7318)...
    Go to @warp for_fild01 236 18     and enter in warp to down... to mine...
    inside of mine (for_mine01) walk to for_mine01 10 136 and talk with "Mining Spot" using the Old Pick to dig the mine looking for "Rose Quartz"...
    Save all rock's maybe you can need this later...

    To buy the Shadow Orb's use the @warp que_ng 73 23

    Thanks Sweet [GM] Moon per this nice guide.
    Thanks Moonie...


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