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Full hybrid ==>HighWizardKatherine==> Sniper killer(Bless+Guardian guide)

Classic skill opness <3  

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  1. 1. Which do you aim?

    • Double strafe(arrow skills)
    • Blitz beat(falcon skills)

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For those veterans/donators, that want to try different feelings about ''Full-hybrid-build'' of sniper ❤️❤️❤️ 

you've come to the right place. For sure~ ❤️ 

Dual rings Full-hybrid-MVPing guide->sniper bless/guardian ring


Sniper ring's script:


Weapons Improve Concentration.png





STAT Falcon Eyes.png


agi=>195 aspd

vit=><under 250k hpmax>(total gear+stat combined)

int=>180-190(left sides){blitz beat}

dex=>280-290(left sides){double strafe/blitz beat}

luk=>120-150(total gear+stat combined){''auto-atk blitz beat"}


GEAR Falcon Eyes.png

H-up=>Ltd rainbow valkryie feather(kiel 2x)

valk expansion HG->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=rainbow-valkyrie-feather-2

Imp token[upgrade into Ltd version]->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=limited-edition-box

Location for converting into Ltd HGs->@warp for_bar  247 308[Imperial exchanger Npc]

H-mid=>mint hurricane aurora(kiel)



Sniper bless sword*IMPORTANT*(amad/bijou/vanberk)

Sniper guardian sword*IMPORTANT*(amad/bijou/vanberk)

Link-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=infernal-godslayer-sword-1

Armor=>+10 sniper DA(eleanor, Fraider) or (eleanor, Taogk)


Sniper soaring bird(tg, mao guai 2x, abyss)

Hrist's wing bow(cursed sniper rune 4x)

Shield=>Friggs king(gtb)

Cloak=>Fking cloak(pouring 2x) or (pouring, lolitail)

Shoe=>+10 Fking shoe(fbh, eira) or (fbh, Gec)

Acce=>mix B curse{upgraded sigrun=int/dex/luk +25, atk/matk +10%} (ifrit 2x)



Arrow Shower.png How to kill High wizard Katherine MVP Arrow Shower.png

1. Use sniper Bless sword+sniper soaring bird(with Legendary imma arrow)

2. Spam "double strafe" first

3. High wizard Katherine will change into holy element, when reaches around 2m hp's

Extra->At this stage, we might need an extra ghostring armor(her "stave crasher" might be painful :3)

4. Switch into sniper Guardian sword+hrist's wing bow(with Legendary oridecon/shadow arrow)

5. Normal atk till the end^^ (blitz beat will help cover the extra dmg too ❤️ )


Focused Arrow Strike.png Be stronger by Focused Arrow Strike.png

-Books of agility/hp/intelligence/dexterity/luck


-Volund Hp +10%, atk +6%


Double Strafe.png High Wizard katherine MVP: Double Strafe.png


Map-> (@warp lhz_dun03)

Spawn time-> 130 minutes(plus 10 minutes "awake-time")

Race-> demi-Human(ghost3 element)

Blitz Beat.png Spawn patterns: Blitz Beat.png

1. after 3x HighPriest margaritha(100% sinX eremes or 50% High wizard katherine)  

2. after 1x HighPriest margaritha, 1x Lord knight seyren, 1x Sniper cecil

3. after 1x HighPriest margaritha, 1x sinX eremes, 1x Whitesmith howard

4. after 1x HighPriest margaritha, 2x Sniper cecil 



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