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Thanatos/Gloom under Night =jigoku biochemist killer=[Bio bless ring guide]

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Ghost element MVPs can't be killed by biochemist jobs ~? (T-T)=(T-T)=(T-T)

Luckily, Thx for the certain updates via Fro server, that maximize the [fire bolt] potential (^-^)+(^-^)+(^-^)

AND Jormungandr's Rage(biochemist's valk weap, that have fire bolt customed within :3)

{MORING} effect: Matk +10%, Increase Fire bolt, Cold bolt, and Lightning bolt damage by 20% [Boots]

Bcoz fire type matk spells are strong against Ghost MVPs type thee ^^



Here's the basic ❤️❤️❤️ 



Str: 100->150(just for weight carry)

Agi: *195 aspd*

Vit: 100 totally for all status immune(or add as many for ur-own selfishness :3)

Int: 300 max(If need more vit/weight carry{Str}. Just setup till 280 only ^^)

Dex: 150 totally(instant-cast scene)

Luk: 0



H-upper: Sleepy Kitty hat(kiel 2x)

Link-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product_cat=specialty-headgears

H-middle: Gray Butterfly aurora(kiel)

Link-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=butterfly-aurora-1

H-lower: Bio bless ring[IMPORTANT] (vesper)

Vesper card->ignores 30% Mvp mdef when doing matk skills to it ❤️ 

Armor: +10 Bio DA(Rata, Forsaken raider)

Rata card camping info-> 


Weapon: Jormungandr's Rage or Legendary Creator Mace(king ring 4x) or (king ring 2x, bomb ring 2x)

Link-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=jormungandr-rage-4

Shield: friggs king shield(Gtb)

Cloak: Fking cloak(salamander 2x)

Salamander card 2x->extra 80% meteor storm matk dmg~

Boot: Fking boot(dark lord, Moring)

Dark lord card->have Lv5 meteor storm auto-cast

Moring card->just scroll to-the-top :3

Acce: Int curse(imp 2x)

Int curse= quested urd earring via wolf fang quest

urd earring Link-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=urd-earring-1

Imp card 2x->extra 50% fire bolt matk dmg~


Skills usage

Lv5 fire bolt Fire Bolt.png (from bio's valk weap or Legendary version, can kills Ghost MVP) 

Lv5 meteor storm Meteor Storm.png (from dark lord card, can kills Ghost Mvp) {Autocast type}

full chemical protection Full Chemical Protection.png (to prevent any equips destruction, need 1 glistening coat 7139 per-spam)

acid demo Acid Bomb.png (defensive neutral-fix dmg purposes, need 1 fire bottle 7135 +1 acid bottle 7136 per-spam)







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