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Double attack-critical [starburst-stream] sinX(sinX bless ring guide)

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Thanks to the latest update of sinX bless variant by this server ❤️ ~

Finally, can made a basic endgame guide for this kind of hybrid double atk/crit sinX^^

As usual, just for MVP build scene :3 ~

Summary-> This kind of build is way expensive than meta-crit sinX build type. But, we have auto-steal hp hitting+double attack as extras+less ygg berries/seeds consuming tbh :P Also depends on the users(less switching of gtb shield) ^^


Assassin Cross Blessed Ring
Walking speed +15%, Atk +10%, Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%,

Reduce Vit Def by 10%, HP +10%, SP +10%,

Str +20, Vit +35, ASPD +10, Crit +30


Right/left weapon usage


Assassin Cross Oriental Dex Sword(Right)-> https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sinx-oriental-black-sword-4-dexterity



Loki Cursed Blades(Left)->https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=loki-cursed-blades-blue4

Ps: this Loki Cursed blades have 2 color selection(red or blue) ^^

Legendary version-> Legendary sinX Dexterity sword(Right), Legendary assassin cross blade(Left) 




STR- 300 max

AGI- *195 aspd*

VIT- *exact 100 vit* or (your own hpmax preference)

INT- *none*

DEX- *200-250 preferred*(more double attack hit-scene)

LUK- *260-270 preferred* (perfect crit scene)



H-up: +10 Ltd pink emperor headband[2x bijou or 2x amad]

H-mid: pink Nebula aurora[vanberk]=>crit +100 for 5s ^^


H-low: +10 sinX bless ring*IMPORTANT*[bijou or amad]

armor: sinX DA[HP margaretha,gloom or klux]



right weap: Assassin Cross Oriental Dex Sword[sidewinder,tg 2x,phreeoni]

left weap: Loki Cursed Blades[abysmal 4x] or [mao guai 4x]=>for hitting ghost MVP

cloak: Fking cloak[Dev,raydric]

shoe: Fking shoe[cursed sinX rune 2x]=> benefits for meteor assault spamming scene ^^

acce: Str curse[ifrit 2x]=>benefits for extra atk/hit/crit, curse acce have +10% atk ^^


MVP camping-hint

1. For hitting ghost element MVP, we just need to spam mild wind Lv4 I MWFire.png before hits them ❤️❤️❤️ ~

Ps: Mild wind is from sinX DA effect, after all~



2. As usual, this skill Enchant Deadly Poison.png needs to be activates too(before hitting any MVP). Status screen-> I EDP.png

3. Cloaking.png and Back Slide.png aren't useless lel :P






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