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GS spread shot holy acidus basic farmers guide ->))ピトフーイ->))

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For advances type guide can explore here below~

Abyss_03 blueprint



This basic guide would be about vote set's GS farmers build ❤️ (spread shot aoe type)

Why not high wizard as farmers only?(matk users aoe advantage) :3

Well, we''ll introduce this, not so new GS spread shot farmers guide via this Fro server(atk users aoe advantage) ;3 ;3

Theme-> pure GS holy acidus aoe killers basic guide >>+ ❤️ +>>

Dear loli luver @Yatogami [°∆°]! ❤️ 



STR: (the more the better, can carry more treasure boxes)

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *100 vit=status immune*

INT: (until 3k spmax) or (forced 3.5k spmax if wanted)

DEX: 300 max

LUK: (left-overs)


H-up: vote green valkryie helm[kiel 2x]

H-mid: Legendary zodiac aura[pharaoh]=> -30% sp consumption

H-low: Legendary poporing balloon or Legendary holy avian wing{anti holy acidus} or

Legendary ghost avian wing{ghost element redux}[pharaoh]=> -30% sp consumption

armor: vote fking armor[gloom 2x]=holy acidus killer ❤️ 

weapon: Legendary gunslinger shotgun

[inca, tg, earth petite 2x]=meta dragon killer builds

[baphomet, earth petite 3x]=18x18 wide-spray dragon killer meta, at the cost of {-10 Hit}

[earth petite 4x]=80% max dmg via dragon races meta ❤️ 

shield: vote fking shield[sky petite]=dragon race redux

cloak: vote fking cloak[wanderer 2x]=auto teleport around w/ holy acidus, when get hits/hitting them ❤️ 

shoe: vote fking shoe[lady tanee, sohee]=OP spmax almost like wizzy jobs

acce: dex belts{can buy from forsaken kings room. Total=>200 ftokens}



Pros: we will have great spmax like wizzy to farm treasure boxes[code: 7444] at abyss_03(only holy acidus drops~)

Cons: can only slots 2x kiel, due to 2x pharaoh in HG(to get lowest sp consumption for skills of spread shot/dust)

Conclusion-> don't worry about the cons, since it's fairly enough for(70% after skill-delay redux)farming ^^



Dust-> Fires a blast strong enough to knock back a target 5 cells(melee ranged) Crowd Control Shot.png

Spread shot lv1->lv10 sp consumptions chart Spread Shot.png

Level Damage (ATK) Area of Effect SP Cost
1 230% 3x3 15
2 260% 20
3 290% 25
4 320% 5x5 30
5 350% 35
6 380% 40
7 410% 7x7 45
8 440% 50
9 470% 55
10 550% 9x9 60


4215.jpg          6833a04f3fd7e04061b6768bf58eee01.jpg   

Edited by niemono89
=>=>=>=> 神崎ELZA ggo =>=>=>=>
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added legendary ghost avian wing as ghost redux, just incase ❤️ 

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added 2 more dragon's killer variety combo meta's ❤️❤️ 

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