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卍解=>=>[白霞罸]Magnus Exorcismus Hpriest(high priest Guardian ring)

Kuchiki clan XD  

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High Priest of The Guardian
Enchant an Armor with the
Ghost Property, Vit + 35, Int + 10, Max HP + 25%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, Max SP + 10%, After cast delay -5%, Walking speed + 15%, Increase the effectiveness of your Heal by 90%, 6% chance to Heal self when receiving physical and magical damage.Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%



This guide will break the nature-laws of high priest as a supportive medic gate-away ❤️ :3

Also about High priest against MVPs of dark/undead/demon type :3

Pros: Dark/undead/demon MVPs would be our main-dish^^

Cons: If used shield[gtb], will have 2x sp_consumptions+no buffes/heals (T-T)


ruwach(reveal hidden target) Ruwach.png

signum crusis(works for MVPs too) Signum Crucis.png

sanctuary Sanctuary.png

magnus exorcismus Magnus Exorcismus.png

lex aeterna Lex Aeterna.png

turn undead(only for undead MVP races) Turn Undead.png

assumptio Assumptio.png

meditatio Meditatio.png

kaite Kaite.png

mind breaker(important debuff to get max matk values>gets from prof jobs) Mind Breaker.png


STR: *100 below*

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *upto u* or *follows blessed acce vitmax requirement*

INT: *300 max*

DEX: *150 insta-cast*

LUK: *220 capped* or *the rest goes here*(turn undead {instant death} % chances)



H-up: LTD Cat Lovely ribbon hair[kiel 2x]

H-mid: green butterfly aurora[vesper]

H-low: high priest guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel]

Armor: +10 high priest DA[rata, orc lord] or [rata, alicel] or [rata, high priest margaretha]

-just default rsx-0806 armor, if armor breaks alot :P-

Weapon: priest highness staff

[kingring 4x]->universal build

[kingring 2x, lady solace 2x]->auto lv 5 grandcross support

[kingring, skeggiold 3x]->extra dmg onto demon MVPs


Shield: friggs shield[high orc] or [ancient mummy] or[hodremlin] or [khalitzburg] or [teddy bear]

-Get extra shields for the selected card above, thx ^^-

Cloak: +10 fking cloak[chung e 2x] or [chung e, kasa]

Shoe: fking shoe[fbh, ice titan] or [amonra, dragoon wizard] or [ice titan  2x]

Accessories: Mix b bless(for turn undead builds) or int bless(for magnus E builds)[int rune 2x] or [luk rune 2x] or [imp 2x]




  1. Spam sanctuary for the first time.
  2. Follows w/ magnus exorcismus.
  3. Please use signum crusis as assist skills too :3 (lex aeterna for emergency only)
  4. If is undead race MVP(under 4m hp), just spam turn undead a few times(can cause "instant death'' scene).
  5. The easiest undead MVP for tester would be osiris{moc_pryd04}.
  6. Lowest LUK requirement for turn undead "highest chances" is 'total.of.180' :7
  7.  (不死)    Dark Lord  Osiris  Drake
  8.   (闇)        Baphomet DetardeurusDoppelganger  Dracula  Fallen Bishop HibramSamurai Specter  Kiel D-01  Lord of the Dead  Pharaoh  
  9.   (鬼)   BeelzebubMoonlight Flower  Tao Gunka  Wounded Morroc



Chance of Effect = [Base_Chance_of_Effect + (Base_Lv ÷ 10) + (INT ÷ 10) + (LUK ÷ 10) + {1 − (Target_HP ÷ Target_MaxHP)} × 20]% Damage = Base_Damage + Base_Lv + INT

This skill will only inflict damage on Boss monsters, even if they are also Undead property.



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BLEACH 千年血戦篇
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Added minimum Luk stat for high % turn undead skill, and MVP that have lowest Mdef for undead races :3

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Added 7[undead], 8[dark], 9[demon] for MVPs info references ❤️ 

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