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Mahou shoujo INT MVP sniper(guardian ring guide)

Lightning? falcon?  

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  1. 1. Does the lightning strikes within u~~??

    • yes, it lights my new homie XD
    • no, lightning can roasts my falcon T-T
    • bzzt, how do i strikes a falcon?

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For basic guardian ring sniper guide can goes here ^^


This fancy basic INT sniper guide would be rely on falcon with some helps of matk input XD~~ 

Specially for pve/mvp scene best animation XD


STR: 140 totally(example of 110+30)

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: up to ur own, coz is just mvp type build ^^(100 vit totally for status immune)

INT: 300 totally(for max blitz/max matk output)

DEX: *595 hit on status window*

LUK: 150 is safest to bet, but more than 190 is worst lel :P



head upper: any LTD headgear[vesper 2x]

head mid: butterfly aurora(preferred) [vesper] (reason: have physical dmg %+ matk dmg%)

head low: SNIPER GUARDIAN RING[high wizard kathryne]

armor: +10 F.king armor[rata,mistress of shelter OR evil druid,rata]

weapon: hrists wing bow[cursed sniper rune 2x,hill wind 2x]

shield: Friggs king shield[gtb]

cloak: F.king cloak[salamander 2x]

shoe: F.king shoe[fbh,dark lord]

accessory: urds earring, int curse[wind ghost 2x]


EXTRAs: Find any MVP(except ghost type, coz blitz{neutral} would always miss on them lel), "then click them" for the matk showcase to happen XD. For arrows, just default L.oridecon arrow if needed ❤️❤️❤️ 

NOTEs: This build of INT sniper would be slower a bit then kiels type auto-blitz, but their matk autocast would made it look faster anyway ^^







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