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Life stealer Double atk sinX <グレミィ~トゥミュー> ~幻色queen~

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Those who needs 2x awesomeness of dual atk type sinX. CAN try this lel(it's twice of damage as worth :P)

[~MVP builds ftw~]

as_right.gif Right-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 132, iRO Name: Righthand Mastery)-> Damage on the right-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (50+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS.

as_left.gif Left-Hand Mastery (Skill ID# 133, iRO Name: Lefthand Mastery)-> Damage on the left-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is (30+10*SkillLV)%. DOES NOT WORK FOR KATARS AS THESE COUNT AS 2-HANDED WEAPONS

as_cloaking.gif IMPORTANT-DAILY-DOSAGE :3

as_enchantpoison.gif  Enchant Poison (Skill ID# 138)-> Gives equipped weapons the Poison property. Changing or removing either weapon cancels the effect for every weapon affected. Every hit while the Enchant Poison effect is running has a (2.5+0.5*SkillLV)% chance of causing the Poison effect to the target.

as_poisonreact.gif Poison React (Skill ID# 139)-> Attempts to counter 1~6 attacks that damage you (using level 5 Envenom) OR 1 attack from a poison property monster (using boosted damage) while the skill is active. The success rate is 100% for Boosted Counter and 50% for Envenom Counter.

asc_edp.gif 678 = FIRST BLOOD~





STR: 260+40/270+30/280+20/250+50(maxed can be 295[left stat], more than that would be low at Hit) 

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *290k hp if possible*

INT: *left-overs only*

DEX: *535-545 Hit via status window*

LUK: 0



HG upper: +10 ltd hg, Nightspell hat[Bijou, seyren windsor]

HG mid: any +25,+30,+33 auras[Bijou]/[Lord knight seyren]

HG low: +10 sinX bless ring*IMPORTANT*[Bijou]

Armor: sinX DA, fking armor[gloom 2x]/[ktux 2x]/[Taogk, Fr]

Weapon{R}: Assassin cross oriental Dex sword, Legendary sinX dexterity sword[Tg 2x, abyss, inca]/[abyss, atroce 2x, inca]/[inca, Vr 2x, side winder -dispell+Double atk combo-]

Weapon{L}: Hel's unholy dagger, Legendary hel's dagger[side winder, phreeoni 2x, Tg]/[phreeoni 2x, Tg 2x]/[phreeoni, side winder, atroce 2x]

Ps for side winder-> 1 weapon limited to 1 card only, if not. It's null XD~

Ps for life steal card combo-> [sniper cecil 3x, side winder]/[sniper cecil 2x, hunterfly 2x]=left weapon most preferrable ^^

Garment: Fking cloak[Dev, raydric -basic neutral reduction combo-]

Shoe: Fking shoe[Fbh, Gec]/[dragoon wizard, amonra]/[eddga, firelock soldier -unlimited endure+hpmax recovers back methode-] 

Accessories: mix A gauntlet, mix A belt, brynhild, mix A curse(have extra +10 atk)[ifrit 2x]/[str rune 2x]/[owl baron 2x -auto lex-]



1. Always uses converters/mild wind for better results ^^~

2. Wanna have unique double atk stylish aoe 9 cell~? (just insert side winder, bapho, Tg 2x or Vr 2x)

3. sm_provoke.gif  = Just get an alt LK to buff ur sinX(lower def but gains more atk :3)

4. Just be alert of %Reflect% MVPs ~><~ (double atk reflex-back :3)


Sternritter-gremmy.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=7   ‎  "V" - "The Visionary"


Poison Bottle creation

1. This skill asc_cdp.gif needed

2. Since we can't input luk stat for double atk build sinX, Dex stat need at least 200 in total for 100% success~!

3. ~Farming materials below~

657.png Berserk Potion x 1 [from npc vendors]
713.png Empty Bottle x 1 [ID->713]
937.png Venom Canine x 1 [ID->937]
939.png Bee Sting x 1 [ID->939]
952.png Cactus Needle x 1 [ID->952]
972.png Karvodailnirol x 1 [ID->972]
7033.png Poison Spore x 1 [ID->7033]


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