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HALLOWEEN Screenshot Contest

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What's your best Halloween costume for this? Let's share to us. ❤️
This is me when go to shop but Tiyanak try to rob me.



  • Your post must have a link to ForsakenRO: http://www.forsaken-ro.net and encourage people to join us and play here, along with some basic info:
    • International server with American, European, and Asian-Pacific WoEs and GvG events!
    • Votable donation items
    • Quest items only a few stats less than donation gear
    • Guild packs with free rental donation items for their first month - for every guild member!
    • New player friendly: free headgears, easy leveling, useful newbie pack
    • Floating rates on weekends
    • Always something to do with lots of GM-hosted events, tons of quests, and fun PvP
    • Ton of quest included epic storyline would excite you enter new Ragnarok World
  • Your post can include anything else you want to say to encourage players to join.
  • You must provide a screenshot as proof in order for it to count as well as a link to where it's posted
  • The screenshot may not be edited and must show it on your actual news feed
  • You can share in any social media platform.
  • Be sure to include your main in game name (Putting the mouse near the char)
  • Your post must be viewable by others and your friends - it should be public.
  • On your post, don't forget to do #forsakenro
  • You cannot delete after posting it. We'll be checking to make sure it's still there. If not, your entry will not count!


November 30, 2020


1.  Post a Screenshot of your character and share to Forsaken Ragnarok Fan Page and any social media you use
You should to Like Forsaken RO Fan page as well.

2. You will get 1 point for each Like and 2 points for each share in your post.
The more Like and share you get, the more likely you are to be a winner!

3. Make a post in this topic and update it with screenshots and links to where each of your screenshot are posted.

Include your in game name in your post. Viola, you're done!



1st Winner:
800 Event Tokens

Second place:
500 Event Tokens

Third place:
300 Event Tokens


Remember to write a review on RateMyServer!

(While it won't count for the contest, it WILL help new people find out about us!)

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Theme: Hallowen Screenshot Contest

Date: November 2020

Entries: 5


3rd Place:

2nd Place:

  • Forum name: @Lzaegis
  • Entry: Click here to view ~ 
  • Prize: 500 Event Tokens 

1st Place / Champion:

  • Forum name: @Sockiebhoi
  • Entry: Click here to view ~ 
  • Prize: 800 Event Tokens


Congratulations to the winners!! You can claim your prizes to any member of the GM Team!~

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