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Newbie Basic Equipment Tier Guide

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Table above is an overview and simple guide of equipment progression so newbies can see what should they aim for in the future.


Notes & Tips:

1. You can easily reach almost half of Level 2 on your very first 1-2 days of active playing.

2. You can join WoE with only full level 2 equips.

3. Level 3 is the full donate set (all obtainable in game). If you want to Pvp decently, you have to at least reach this level.

4. Level 4 is the end game equipment. It would require tons of quest and farming and grinding for you to reach this level.

5. Level 5 column is a permanent buff for your character and/or whole account.


Overall guides for more detailed stuff:

Newbie Guide 101: Overview of the Basics

Newbie Guide fRO by NOOB / KING


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