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zeny farming sinX guide(sbk+meteor assault type)

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This kind of build is already classic/old-school at iRO servers(international/gravity korea). I'll just modified the equips abit for accustomized to the Fro server ❤️ 

Stats refer to: 



HEAD: F.king helm(2x kiel/2x silver kiel)

HEAD  MID: random auras(kiel/silver kiel)

HEAD LOW: sinX guardian ring*advanced player selection* or rucksack vote type(silver kiel/seyren windsor)

ARMOR: F.king armor(2x mistress of shelter)

WEAPON: unholy touch*dark attribute katars*(can be bought at @warp for_dia 165 122)

GARMENT: F.king garment(2x raydric/2x noxious)

FOOTGEAR: F.king shoe(2x sinX rune)*compulsary* or (sinX rune+moonlight flower*extra walking speed*)

ACCESSORY: 2x expert ring*extra 10% reduced after cast delay*(ur own card selection) or mix A+mix B or L.gauntlet STR+INT


Steps to farm treasure boxes at abyss_03 ❤️ :

1. Type @ali 7444 

2. Type @warp abyss_03 to reach the map ❤️ (get buff from healer npc before going)

3. Cloaking all the way thru that map, then just spam meteor assault for multiple holy type acidus and sbk for solo holy type acidus(dies within 1-2 spam sbk) ❤️ 

4. Collect all the 'treasure boxes of the day'. After that, just transfer those treasure boxes to ur alt account merchant job to get ur earnings ❤️ 


ENJOY, fellow getsuga10sho fans ❤️ :3





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