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Help About High Priest Holy Light Type.

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For stats:(full holy light build)

STR : 50-70(seeds/berries carry weight)

AGI : *195 aspd*

VIT : *90k-130k hp is enough*(more than that would be full support high priest)

INT : 280-300(300 int would deal max damage of holy light)

DEX : 150(total)

LUK : 1

For basic equipment, you'll need the vote fking sets+Legendary Priest Book(have holy light damage bonus in it)+2x INT gauntet(each of it have +35 INT)

For the cards: you'll need to figure it out, because "different players have different style"(hint: INT card/MATK card helps a lot anyway)

*Just remember to create an alt char of "soul linker" to buff your high priest holy light anytime :P*

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And also 3x kiel card/ 4x silver kiel card. depends on your taste :P(reduce cast delay)

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Cloak:ray+skoll(basic)ray2(asura,AD)2nox(fas sniper) and many more

Access:if you afford one,get a Urds and put cookie card.

For maximum damage:lex+hl (while wear kafra hat)


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For a stronger build, you'll need valkryie weapons for high priest(cash weapon)+2 urds earring(cash accessory)+cursed/blessed ring for high priest(questable).

Just follow the basic requirement from me and anas(you're already good to go on any situation) :P

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