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Help Out Our Guild

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Anyone can help out our guild today, (via farming for items, money for the guild, recruiting, ect.) legitimately, I will reward them with an MVP or Mini boss card of their choosing. Be sure to report what you've accomplished to FangMoonwing and Viper Lyronic will ask what you would like.

Offer goes on to 9 pm PT.

Happy hunting to all.

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Our guild is offering an MVP card or a Mini Boss card for any help towards the guild or guild members, you can offer us items, money for our guild, or go around offering members to our guild, anything to help out the guild or a member to our guild, and for your help we'll go out and get you an MVP card or Mini Boss card of your pick.

I hope this helps clear things up, and thank you for responding.

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I have a few questions and faults. Which i hope you dont mind me pointing out.

1: Any mvp card of our choice.- Many people will ask for thanatos or something.

2: Why dont you just join another guild who'll help you and your guild members out instead of asking people to help you?

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