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  1. Your welcome to help as well. Our leader was also planning to alliance your guild but we aren't sure who the guild leader is and how to get in touch with them.
  2. The Secret Service is at your service. For anyone who is in need of items, MVP cards, or needs help with a quest, The Secret Service is pleased to help. We will take up any request for free. I will be at Go 14 for request for anyone in need of help, or you can whisper me at FangMoonwing. We are pleased to serve you and hope to see you soon. Vice Chairwoman of The Secret Service, FangMoonwing
  3. Yea, its cool someone got it XD, thank you very much for the reply
  4. Thank you for the support KD and sorry Armstrong, we arent the same XD Oh i forgot to add this, if me and Viper are not on you can reach me at my skype, my username is FangMoonwing for it. Again thank you for your time.
  5. Trying to get more guild members v.v

    1. kyoshiro029


      I'd like to join but xD i'm not str0nk enough

  6. The Secret Service is now recruiting new members, as members of The Secret Service, our job is to help out other players to the best of our ability and to have fun, we will also be taking part in WoE when we get enough people and good enough armor. Please pm FangMoonwing or Viper Lyronic for a request to join. Thank you for your time and we are happy to help. - FangMoonwing
  7. Thank you for your VoliB it will go to great use in our guild
  8. we're doing it out of the kindness of our heart for anyone who helps our guild even in the smallest of ways
  9. Well its a way to promote our guild, even a little help will get you something. It's like a gift to the people on the sever for even the smallest amount of help.
  10. Our guild is offering an MVP card or a Mini Boss card for any help towards the guild or guild members, you can offer us items, money for our guild, or go around offering members to our guild, anything to help out the guild or a member to our guild, and for your help we'll go out and get you an MVP card or Mini Boss card of your pick. I hope this helps clear things up, and thank you for responding.
  11. Anyone can help out our guild today, (via farming for items, money for the guild, recruiting, ect.) legitimately, I will reward them with an MVP or Mini boss card of their choosing. Be sure to report what you've accomplished to FangMoonwing and Viper Lyronic will ask what you would like. Offer goes on to 9 pm PT. Happy hunting to all.
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