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Found 7 results

  1. No, this isn't a token giveaway thread. shoo Good morning/afternoon/evening, newbie or veteran of ForsakenRO! :) This is a semi-comprehensive guide about tokens: what you need to know about it, how to get these specific tokens, and many more. I'll try to cover the necessary things about the matter. If I have forgotten anything, tell me by replying and I'll credit you. :) Also, this is my very first guide for the server, so forgive me if I have committed a mistake on some areas (if I did.) What are Tokens? Tokens are considered to be the primary currency of the server (Zeny is next) when it comes to the market. There are many variations of tokens, which will be discussed as thorough as possible in a later section below. Why Tokens? I myself am not sure why, but these are some possibilities: Because of the zeny limit (1b) and the server being high-rate in general To make the trading market easier when dealing To make the economy organized Variety in usage/purpose and rewarding Uniqueness. :3 What are the kinds of Tokens available? wall of text intensifies At present, there are 9 types of Tokens. Each Token will be explained about their function, way of obtaining, and their significance below. :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kinds of Tokens - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forsaken Token The Forsaken Token is the main token and currency of ForsakenRO's market. Since it's the main currency, you obviously use it to buy and sell stuff. :) There are numerous ways of obtaining Forsaken Tokens. see below You can obtain Forsaken Tokens by: Selling Zeny/items to players Donating to the server [ForsakenRO Token Shop] Buying them from players Event Token Event Tokens are the kinds of tokens you get for winning events hosted by the Game Masters of ForsakenRO. Whether it's Armstrong, Nebula, Capuccino, or Ares hosting an event, you will get Event Tokens as your prize when you win their events. Some special cases where you get more than Event Tokens as prize are for such events such as Guild vs Guild or Battle Royale. Event Tokens may be used in Token Traders to exchange for awesome items and cute headgears! :D You can obtain Event Tokens by: Participating in events held by GMs in-game Participating in the Monthly Screenshot Contest* Buying them from players *This is the only way you can win Event Tokens via the forum. PvP Ladder Token PvP Tokens are obtained by reaching at least 3rd Place in the PvP Ladder. To check your current place in the Ladder (need to be at least Top 30) Go to fcity 106 113 and talk to the PvP Ladder NPC. The top 3 in the previous weeks are featured in the Hall of Fame. First Place gets 10 PvP Tokens* Second Place gets 4 PvP Tokens Third Place gets 1 PvP Token *If your deaths exceed 50% of your kills, you only recieve 4 PvP Tokens. PvP tokens may be exchanged for some nice gears like Sacred Wings. You can obtain PvP Tokens by: Achieving at least Top 3 in the PvP Ladder Buying them from players Guild vs Guild Token GvG Tokens is the reward of the event if you win in the Guild vs Guild event which are hosted at 10am (Sundays) and 10pm (Tuesdays) server time. If your guild wins this event, your guild leader obtains 1 GvG Token and 180 Event Tokens as a prize. Like Event Tokens, you can also exchange them in Token Traders for headgears. You can obtain GvG Tokens by: Winning GvG Events hosted by the GMs in the specified time Buying them from players Battle Royale Token Battle Royale Tokens (or BR Tokens) is the reward of the event if you win in the Battle Royale event which is hosted at 10pm (Mondays and Thursdays) server time. If your party wins this event, you and your party members* obtain 1 BR Token each. *maximum of 8, including yourself Battle Royale tokens may be exchanged for various prizes at Token Traders. You can obtain BR Tokens by: Winning BR Events hosted by the GMs in the specified time Buying them from players Activity Token Activity Tokens are the only tokens you can get for free without effort! :D as long as you will stay online for at least 1 hour. Staying online for 12 consecutive hours will grant you +3 bonus Activity Tokens on the 12th hour. Also, this is the only token that you CANNOT obtain by buying. Activity Tokens may be exchanged in Token Traders for cute headgears too! :3 You can obtain Activity Tokens by: Staying online for at least 1 hour Minigame Token Minigame Tokens are tokens that you get from winning Automated Events that occur every 2 hours in-game, starting at 00:00 server time everyday. You can also exchange them in Token Traders, but only for Event Tokens. (Ratio in the Token Traders is 1 Event Token : 2 Minigame Tokens) You can obtain Minigame Tokens by: Winning the auto-hosted events that are hosted every 2 hours Buying them from players Halloween Token This particular token is used as part of the Halloween Season in ForsakenRO. Halloween Tokens are mainly used for obtaining Legendary Halloween Headgears. Exchange the tokens with Macbeth the Kitty to get those cuuuuute Legendary Halloween headgears! :D For more info about the Halloween season in the server... .. click me :) You can obtain Halloween Tokens by: Killing the monsters at Lost Village (50% drop chance) Buying them from players War of Emperium Token War of Emperium tokens (WoE Tokens for short) is a token you can only get via the Treasure Boxes your guild has conquered. These tokens may be exchanged in the Token Traders as well, but you'll need quite an amount. :3 You can obtain WoE Tokens by: Destroying Treasure Boxes in WoE Castles your guild owns Buying them from players - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fun Facts! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 Although unavailable now, there was one more Token called: [pic of vote token] Vote Tokens Vote Tokens are basically points you accumulate to buy vote items, such as scarves and the Vote FKing set. Right now, they're unavailable in-game and are transferred to the Control Panel for easy management. 2 Tokens used to be called Coupons, before the first episode of The Fate of the Gods came. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Conclusion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thanks for reading my giant wall of text which is supposed to be a "guide" :) If you think my guide was helpful, please go to my profile by clicking me and giving me a like! :D The Halloween Token and WoE Token sprite was taken from in-game, sorry if it's a teeny tiny bit ugly. Also I'll try to put the sprite of the WoE token ASAP. Special thanks to: Hed Kandi, for giving insight about the possible reason of the existence of tokens. Seraphim for pinning the thread. You, the reader, again, for reading my giant wall of text.
  2. Hi GM Team, How 'bout a a grace period of 3 minutes or less to allow us to reconnect (if ever disconnected) or change character while not affecting the online timers since these are account bounded tokens? Thanks! P.S. I can't find any related topics so pardon me for making another one.
  3. Well from what i've seen... to make an easier transaction. since thana or any other expensive items require alot of tokens.. can we have token tickets? that have 0 weight?
  4. Crystal Defense @go 25 > Warper > Custom Maps > Daily Room > Crystal Defense NPC This will be a Once a Day Daily Activity Crystal Defense Aim: To protect the Crystal getting destroyed from incoming Mobs You will need a party to join this daily activity Rules: no @commands There will be 10 waves of monsters coming form the bottom to the top (I'm at the top, thats where the crystal will be too) Each waves will consist of 100 monsters after 1 wave there will be a Boss Wave 1: Porings, poporing, Drops, Bombring, Pandaring, etc MvP: Angeling, Ghostring, Develing, Mastering, etc Wave 2: Hornet + Flora+ Argiope MvP: Mistress Wave 3: Female + Male Thief Bug MvP: Golden Thief Bug Wave 4: Banshee + Necromancer MvP: Fallen Bishop Hibram Wave 5: Abysmal Dark Frame + Abysmal Knight MvP: Dark Lord Wave 6: Evil nymph + Taoist Hermit MvP: Evil Snake Lord Wave 7: Isis + Mummies + Verits + Ancient Mummies Mvp: Amon Ra Wave 8: Acidus + Hydro + Ferus + Novus Mvp: Detale Wave 9: Imp + Salamander + Kasa MvP: Ifrit Wave 10: Valkyrie + Frus + Skeggiold + PLasma MvP: Valkyrie Randgris Completing this Daily Event Will earn you 1 Daily Token 1 Coin Box Information for prizes is in this link below http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31573-a-cube-of-fate-daily-activity/
  5. Hi all, I am new to this server and I visited the Token Exchanger and I notice that there's different kinds of tokens. I understand that they can be obtain through various ways. I stumbled with the Imperial Token Exchanger in which there's an option to trade token with special items. I don't have a tokens yet, however, am unable to see on how much would an item costs on that NPC. Which means that I don't have a proper goal on how many token should I have in order to buy a certain item. Is there a way that I may know how much they costs? Is the Forsaken Token the correct trade token to be used on that NPC? Because it just sad "Token" so I am unsure on what kind of token it is. I can see shouts that they want PURE token, is that different from the Forsaken token? If it does, how can I obtain it or it's trade ratio with the Forsaken token? I'm sorry it I have lots of questions about this. I just want to make my character be equipped before I join any guild. :D P.S: It's hard to go and do MVP hunting as you have lots of competitors with the MVP especially Champs. ~.~ I enjoy this server because it its active GMs :) Thank you in advance :)
  6. Could you make the weight of token 0.1 or 0.01 so I could use my character for WOE also in business purposes? Token's are not directly use for Sieges and War of Emperium anyways. Berries and Seeds occupy most of my available weight. I hope you would take this into consideration.
  7. Hi, I'm wondering what is the value of Tokens in this server, I'm talking about the tokens that they use in trading items, pubbing in @go 25 (e.g. B> 1 token = 30M, S> Thana 5K) I'm just wondering what is the use of this Token why are they willing to trade it for their items? Can you use them in a event? or probably special quest or special items? Thanks for any clarifications, hope someone can give me a rope here, still trying to understandt FRO Economy. Regards, Taks
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