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    I love to write stories (yes, i write RO stories, fite me) and draw as well. I sing (in the shower) And i looove to meet people! ^^

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  1. *tfw you have been busy with finals and all but you are free...BUUUT, you might enter to university next year* ....Welp...TIME TO ENJOY! *ENTERS DRAMATICALLY TO fRO*

  2. AAAAND! I AM BACK! (does someone remember me?! XD)

    1. Danger


      Me... don't :/

      Welcome back anyway :D

    2. MistressKill


      OMG-- someone answered!! (jfc i wasnt excepting this xD)

      Dont worry,i wasnt so known (like...I am not geared up like most of people...I just liked to chat XD)

      Also, THANKS! :3

  3. Hi Yui! Im *Crystal* in game! its a pleasure to meet you and i greet you here again! X3
  4. GREEEEEEEEETINGS TO ALL!! (You right now: SO PINK!) Sorry! its the color of the porings! There you go! My name its MistressKill, mostly known as MiKi! Others calls me the emperess of the Ings (porings,poporings, develings,etc) because i love them, buuut that's another story! Im a girl, yes, of uhh....an age? (between 16-20, if you win, you will have a chocolate!). From chile, very friendly and likes hugs! I used to play this game in 2008 i think? And i feel very...very....noob (? *laughs* Oppsie! My interests are drawing and writing stories, i am acually planifyi
  5. *After the horrible written trailer*

    Rose: She will fail.
    Saika: She barely get us three to forsaken knight, and if it wasnt for help of others i woulndt have the cards!
    Crystal: Yeah, but--
    Rose: We are condeemed to die in For_Fild01 for ever.
    Crystal: BUT--!!
    Saika and Rose: NO BUTS!

  6. On March!

    A Girl known as Mistresskill must fight back her biggest.fear.ever ....

    ....GETTING BETTER GEAR! For her three characters!

    Will she made it? We hope so!

    Comming soon....(?

  7. I actually have everything, the feathers and all, also the holy water, but i cant deliver them all in 'one' because it overpass my weight limit, what can i do?
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