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  1. have to agree, the whole FCP/quagmire, and other skills being used by low level character on us maxed level characters are annoying. PK while in fields should be for everyone regardless of level. maybe even make it a lower level. like up to level 50. so they cant use certain skills against fully leveled players.
  2. id say there sell for like 3-5 tokens each. and as everyone quoted in zeny about 70m seems average price. finding the dragon itself is hard. everyone kills them soo quickly.
  3. we know you guys will handle it, knowing you Jorge you will spend every waking minute trying to fix it. good luck! and thanks for being awesome!
  4. you cant single ID it. ive tried. it makes you @autoloot everything if im not mistaken.
  5. sent you an email. let me know if you might be interested.
  6. got to agree, I would prefer different expansion hats rather then old ones. the GM's and genesis have done an awesome job with spriting new headgears for us, I would definitely love to see what they come up with next rather then bring back old gear.
  7. it takes the excitement out of farming for a quest, or farming to make zeny/tokens. botting just makes it less informal. plus it will take up more bandwith with bots on, causing server lag. questing takes time.. yes its a pain occasionally, but a quest is called a quest for a reason. botting just ruins the formality of the game, and the I guess you can say sportsmanship. I get your point about being lazy, and yes most people are slightly lazy, but as you stated this is a highrate server, and getting to the max level can take only a few minutes.. to get rich/afford the awesome equips it takes t
  8. skullcap/minstel is still in the tokenshop. its under Halloween gears. dragonhelm was an expansion and im kinda glad there not back, theres only a few left in the server making them rare so cant support that.
  9. ill edit it for the freeze, and I agree with the third weapon idea. I just put my two sense in for a CT guide, also I would say having 3 weapons can be expensive tis why I stuck to one build type rather then two, and the 500 hit is where im at, I just found I didn't have a problem with 430 hit before my cape. only class that really irked me was super novice.
  10. made my first guide, was acutally alot of fun :)

  11. well ladies and gentleman I would like to direct your attention that this is my first guide, so please.. please! be gentle! Now to start off, the WS is an expensive class, between CT costing zeny for every hit, plus a buff costing actual zeny. and never mind the specific cards to for it. also this guide is for CT only, not a hybrid just straight CART TERMINATION as for the classes gear, Head gear: Fknight/valkhelm/HOD/AOG (preferably the helm of darkness or angel of ghost mask's are best, they add directly too CT by 40%) if using one slotted headgear(hod/aog) use kiel. if using valk/fknigh
  12. the stats do work with tyrs and lweapon, check your stats with the weapon equipped and equip your hood. you should get +10 stats plus extra stats for your ninja, which I think are extra damage towards throw kunai, more hp, and more str.
  13. this isn't the way to do it, only reason being, people who cant donate are gonna have to work up enough to purchase tokens from other characters, then when they finally do buy there said item, when they decide to sell it..rates will increase dramatically for said item if they want to make a profit, thus driving the prices up majorly. now I'm not saying the economy here is perfect, but of all the servers i've played on this one by far has the most stabilizing. things go hot for a while, then drop out of favor. most donation items stay roughly the same price, yes if more people are drawn to it
  14. ship captain hat gives 20% more damage for long range and close range damage. forsaken solider card gives you immunity to stone curse.
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