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Found 3 results

  1. 6 Daily Rooms Before I start this thread, I will answer the most obvious questions. This is the edited and simplified version Not everyone is into PvP, and sometimes people just want to have a daily activity and a group activity that they can do when they are online So instead of Farm, pvp, Farm, Sell buy, Farm, pvp, and AFK I want to add a suggestion for daily activities, and activity that can fill the day when we are online FaQ Yes this idea is similar to another quest in another game Yes this idea is difficult to implement, and it will take time to design, create and execute No, it is not impossible to do, it just take alot of time Yes i will be happy to help to design the quests, and the minor details No i cannot help with the scripting. :) I will not explain the total design detail in this thread, because it will be too much to read, this thread will only serve as a suggestion. The Rule: @commands will be disabled 6 Daily Rooms Each player can do this daily activity once a day to collect Daily tokens for great rewards~ In this activity there will be 6 quests that needs to be done in a consecutive order. If the player fails to finish the quest, he/she must start from the beginning. Once he/she finishes 6 quests, they will be rewarded 1 Daily token and 1 Coin box (randomly receive coins,e.g Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc) This Quest will be accessible in Daily Room @go 25> Warper > Custom Maps > Daily Room In this map, there will be a Daily Room Officer and other daily activity npcs and a Reward NPC 6 Daily Rooms In this room, there will be an Officer NPC (an NPC that will warp you to the quest rooms) Room 1: Count the Monsta: In this room, the NPC will spawn a number of porings, poporings, and drops. The player must count the monster that the NPC asked for. e.g How many Porings are there in this room? [input answer] If you answer it correctly, you will be automatically warped into the next room. answer incorrectly will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 2: Warping Maze: In this room, you will need to find the NPC Officer to move on to the next quest Relog-ing will cause you to start from the begining. Room 3: Defend the Crystal In this room, you will have to defend the crystal from incoming mobs, you will just need 5 minutes of defending failing to defend the crystal will get you to warped back to the Daily room Room 4: Kill This Plant you will have to kill a plant with 5k HP you will have to kill this plant in 2 minutes if you fail, you will die and will be warped back into Daily Room Once you've killed it the NPC will spawn and you will be able to move into the next quest Room 5: Dance Dance Dance! In this room, there will be 9 boxes and 1 NPC The NPC will give you move instructions if you fail to follow the instructions, you will be warped back to quest 1 Room 6: Evil Little Bunny in this room, you will have to avoid getting killed by Eclipes While you have to kill 6 lunatics in the middle of the room Dying from this quest will warp you back to quest 1 Reward Room: Congratulations! You have finished your Daily Rooms! These are you rewards Rewards at room Reward: 1 Daily Token 1 Coin box Daily Token Rewards: Flower Crown 35 Daily Tokens Effect : Int Stat+ 20 All stat+ 20 [slot 1] Enable to use the skill Level 5 Heaven Drive Butterfly Hairclip 35 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 ALL STAT + 20 [1 slot] Enable the use of Level 10 Storm Gust Chobbits Hat 30 Daily Tokens Effect: Enable the use of Warm Wind Level 5 All stat +15 [2 slot] Top Headgear Techna Ears 45 Daily Tokens Effect: STR+ 20 Vit+ 20 [1 slot] Reduce damage from Demi Human 15% Merchant Clip 10 Daily Tokens A versatile accessory that you can attach to pretty much anything. Enables use of Level 7 Pushcart Enables use of Level 1 Change Cart Accesories Black Glasses 50 Daily tokens Effect: +20 All Stat 1 Slot Foxie Hat 35 Daily Tokens Effect: Perfect Dodge +5, Critical +20, Flee + 130, Str +30 [2 slot] Summer Suit Sprite Permanent 15 Tokens Santa Bag Temporary 1 Daily Token
  2. Hello! Can we have a Random Donation Item NPC? This Random Donation Item NPC would randomly sell 1 item in donation list at its donation price with 10tokens=$1. Every month this NPC would sell the same item. (It doesn't have to be 1 month as a time scale. It could be shorter or longer.) Upon doing so, this gives a little more power to tokens and a little less power to actual dollar. On top of that it brings closer the actual amount of the item in tokens in game. A dollar can already be exchange to tokens anyways.
  3. So I see we're either testing or implementing de-buffing at the NPC for GVG, so we know it works. Can we implement this for the PVP arena? I'm asking for at least 2X attack to be removed, so you can't warp in and nuke with FAS etc, although I'm not sure how possible this is since it isn't a specific buff. What do you guys think?
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