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Found 5 results

  1. Selling / Trading the ff: Black Loli Hat SOLD! Voluspa (prof valk) DEX belts EOF SOLD! pm me in-game at : ShinsenKajiya or go look for me by the help desk newbie helper.
  2. ^ Drop me a message in the forums or post here =D !
  3. Like Other Bow Type Class please allow Gypsy / Clown Soaring Bird use enlarge weight limit. Thanks! support :)
  4. Hello all, It has come to my attention that with most of our changes we're giving gypsy and clowns the same boosts. This is fine in my opinion however I realize there's still 1 big difference between gypsies and clowns. Most gypsies and clowns use the link to gain the song skills from the other sex, and be able to effect themselves with the songs. This grants the clown with all good skills from the gypsy, and the gypsy benefits from the song skills from the clown. However there's still 1 difference. Gypsy is more low rate oriented. This is because of the skill called Dazzler. This skill works exactly the same way as frost joker, the only difference is that it gives a chance to stun instead of freeze. This, on ForsakenRO, is completely useless as everyone has at least 100 vit to be immune to stun. My suggestion: To refrain from doing any skill edits I suggest to add the following effect to the legendary and valk weapon from gypsy (Yes the exact same effect, not a nerfed effect for legendary). - Grants the use of level 5 Frost Joker This skill would only equalize clowns and gypsies as they'll have exactly the same skillset instead of clowns having an big advantage with frost joker. Please share your opinion on the matter and submit your response. Below~, Cheese&Sausage (my clown name)
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