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Found 7 results

  1. Good days duels back then #tb 11/05/11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Nekr2ZOhA
  2. Bio Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens Champ Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens Clown Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens All Fixed. I need all three sets. leave IGN.
  3. ^ Drop me a message in the forums or post here =D !
  4. Hello All! Just wanted to price check and possibly sell or trade my Champ Jacket of the Damned - has the following stat bonuses; Walk Speed +15% Reduce damage from demihumans -5% Reduce Vit def -10% Hp+10% SP+10% Hit+100 Str+20 Dex+20 Increase Damage with Throw Spirit Sphere +13% also +0 Gray Taini Hat and +0 Black Sakkat?? Thanks =]
  5. Dorcus - 1.2k Champ Jacket - 1.6k T> Both + 3000 toks for thana
  6. Champion Quick overview “Though the force of his punches are feared far and wide, the Monk realizes that he has neglected something very important—his spirit remains unsatisfied. Thus his body and spirit are not yet in harmony. Through rigorous training and intense dedication, the Monk will finally tap into the strength of his entire being and become a Champion!” Equipment/Cards Helm 2x Kiel D-01 Card – For spamming asura. Aurora 1x Kiel-D01 Card – For spamming asura. Lower Forsaken Soldier – Must have if you’re playing against another champ or clown Maya Purple – You know what it does ;) Armor Tao + GR – This is my default armor, also default for PvP champ. Puppetring + GR – This is to Stone Curse your enemy, so you can one hit them. Hopefully. Orc Lord + GR – Very useful against champ, why? Because when he asura you the Orc Lord take effects and reduce his life around ¼ then when you asura. Boom! Tao + Angeling – Very effective against Lord knights & Gunslingers. Tao + Tao – Basically this is my endurance armor, if your fight is lasting way too long put this on. Tao + Rsx – I just have this armor around in case some annoying sniper repelling you and Knights pushing you around. Orc Lord + Orc Lord – SB Sinx? You hate em’? Put this armor along with your 2x Devilling Cloak, just spam your berries soon as he spam his SB and watch him drop. Use this for suicidal event. LMS? You vs another champ, want to troll? Lets go for a tie. Cloak Skoll + Raydric – This is my default cloak. Ideal for against all classes. Nullify Thanatos effect. Raydric + Raydric – Use this when going against a champ. Devilling + Devilling – Reduce asura damage from champ but increase Throwing Spirit Sphere damage from champs. Also other skills from other classes such as Desperado, Spiral Pierce, and other skills that has a different element attack. Hollowring + Hollowring – Only use this cloak for going full asura along with the Tanee + FBH boots. Boots 2x Antique Firelocks – Default boots. Make sure your boots is +10 to gain the effect of the card. 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram – Only use this for when you are using the Throwing Spirit Sphere skill. Lady Tanee + Fbh – Only use this boots when going full asura along with the 2x Hollowring Cloak. Shield Usakoring – Use this shield as your default. Good against most classes except magic classes. Golden Thief Bug – Use it when against a Prof, wiz, priest or biochemist. Maya – This reflect magic damage, so only use it against magic classes. Weapon TG + TG + Thanatos + Civil Servant – Default. Best combo for me. (No Thanatos skip this) TG + TG + Civil Servant + Civil Servant – Default. Best combo for me without Thanatos. Dragon Warlord + Metalling + Whitesmith + Stormy Knight – Always useful for stripping. Valkyrie Randgris + 3x Stormy knight – For dispelling and freezing. Accesory 2x Strength Belt – I use this as default. Clip w/ Owl Baron – This auto cast Lex to your enemy, doubles the damage of your asura. Blue Ifrit Ring – I only use it if I want buff. Stats The stats below is base from my experience here, you do not have to follow the exact amount I state here, feel free to mix them up a bit and see what works best for you. Note: · Do not buff yourself while editing your stats. · Equip the gears that I listed default before editing your stats. Str 250-285 The asura damage is base on your strength and intelligence. Berry wise, I can carry around 230-250 berries depending on what gears I am carrying with me. Dex xxx I add dexterity until I see my hit is 405 without any buff. Agi xxx Once I’ve added dex I add agility and make my Aspd 195, again without any buff. Int 120-130 I tend to make my sp around 5800, without any buff. Once you use Blessing this increase to around 5900 and depending on your equipments you can reach 6000 which is good. Vit 130-160 Personally my health is around 210,000 to 225,000. When I have low HP I deal more damage, when my HP is high, my damage is less. Luk xxx Once you’ve added Str and Dex, look at your Atk. For example your atk is 2473, add some Luk to make the last digit of your Atk 0 or 5. Some explanation on stats. Why not buff yourself while editing stat? So in case you get debuff during PvP, you will not have any casting time. Imagine if you buff yourself and your dex is ??? + ?? = 150 with buff. You fight, you get dispelled, you start having a cast time. Gets? Why equip the default gears? You don’t know? Because this is the gear you’ll be using the most. So base your stat on your default gears. Champ Types Asura This is a close range offensive skill. Mainly what champs are know for. For this type of champ you want to use your default equipments (listed above). To use: Zen > Fury > Zen > Asura > Berry (Repeat) Throwing Spirit Sphere This one is your long range offensive skill. For best damage use the 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram boots. Note: Using 2x FBH will decrease your SP by nearly 1/8 and your HP around ¼. To use: Zen > TSS (Repeat) Full Asura This is a full damage asura you can get with the gears I’ve listed above, you can still increase it by using consumables items such as Aloevera. To go full asura with your champ use your 2x Hollowring Cloak and your Tanee + Fbh boots. Note: By using the full asura cloak and boots your HP will drastically decrease from 200K+ to around 120k – 140k. You’re more vulnerable of dying when going full asura. If you want to Full Asura a champ I advice you to use the 2x Orc Lord armor, in case he asura you first, he’ll die with you. Fun. To use: Zen > Fury > Zen > Berry Skill Combo N/A I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really paid much attention for this cool combo for champ. I’ve seen some people do it but I don’t really have much time to learn it due to the lack of shortcut keys on keyboard. Quick Tactics Fight against another champ is taking to long! There are lots of ways to get the job done. Use your puppetring armor, if he has Fsoldier then go for GR + OL Armor along with your Avian Wings to reflect damage. I try to TSS but he Pnuema all the time! There is a skill called “Raging Palm Strike” snap next to him and use this, this will push him away from the Pnuema. This player is fully buffed and has high buff reducts! Put on your Valk.R + 3x Stormy knight weapon, and dispell him. I cant kill this player, he is just too strong! Put on the blue ifrit ring (accessory) wait till you get the reducts buff, then put the 4x Lord of Death weapon and just normal attack him, till he gets comatosed. This fight is going way too long, I want to end it! Use your strip weapon, and start stripping your enemy. I know its gross to kill a stripped player but oh well. Damn, this player is damage is so high. But wtf is that hat he’s wearing! You’ll come across player that deals a mass amount of damage because of the buff they get from their headgears. Check em’ out and if they’re not wearing any anti-freeze (scarf) then TSS them while using the Valk.R + 3x Stormy Knight weapon to freeze them. Then asura. Ping When I first started Ragnarok, my ping was 129. With that ping I could spam asura and tss in a decent speed. Although now my ping is 149-151. Still I can spam, but not as good. There are also times when my ping goes up to 160+, this is when I start to find hard to spam asura. So personally. If my ping is above 160. I wouldn’t play champion. End Note Hope this guide helps. I understand there are new items in-game, this guide is base only from my experience. If I missed anything out on the guide please feel free to message me, so I can make changes. Short Story why I chose the Champion Class It happened back in 2009. I was a newbie then. Only sacred gold wing existed via PvP ladder prize. I mostly hang out inside the PvP room because that’s where the action takes place normally. One time, while I was there gobbing away with other players, I saw a champion called Yukumaru. I saw the way he fight, the way he spams, the way he uses champs to its full potential. That inspired me. So I created my first ever champion and named it Nadtorious. I wasn’t so good at it. But as times goes on I became more comfortable with the class. Sora Hikari invited me in his successful guild, everyone is friendly and open, best of all we dominate! It was not long until he gave me a Forsaken Valk Helm to complete my set. I ask a lot of people for advice on being a great champ. Perishable, Sora and Xerg was one of them. Not long until I was spamming good and got the hang of being champ. WoE was the best for me and a big guild fight after WoE was fun. Sora left, and I joined the Loli Kingdom guild, another successful guild until our beloved guild leader took a break. Up until now, I enjoy playing champion once in a while. I’d like to give thanks to Yukumaru, Perishable, Unbreakable, Mello, kOokoO, Geek, Beautiful Butterfly*, Xerg, Sora and other people I came across with on the battle for_fild01. Without these people, I wouldn’t have gotten knowledge of how great the Champion class is. Deep respect. Ps. If you don’t like the grammar you’re reading. Smd. Source: Overview: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Champion Photo: http://www.roguides....uide-using.html
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