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  1. earning zeny is a bit hard than hunting mvp on maps. current setup is good enough. For Ifrit, Gloom, Belze, VR, and Tanee to be added in mvp room is -1, unless, you need certain mats to enter just like thana room and put something extra drops just like what you mentioned. That would be awesome. "Another extras just for lhz MVP rooms: 1. Add a reward ticket drops=*random Fro Legendary weapons ticket*(the % drop rate can be lower than mvp's card drop rate/made it the same as mvp's card drop rate) 2. *Random Fro Legendary weapons ticket* descrip would be like this ❤️: a. when double click it, an option of job choosing class would appears(Lord knight/Paladin/High wizard/Professor/Sniper/Clown/Gypsy/Biochemist/Whitesmith/Assassin cross/Stalker/High priest/Champion/Gunslinger/Ninja/Soul linker/Star gladiator/Super novice) b. Lets say, you clicked option of gunslinger class. It will pop-up 4 L.weapons selection for ya :3(revolver/shotgun/rifle/grenade launcher) c. You can choose 1 of those from 4 selection L.weapons of gunslinger only btw. 3. This ticket can be deal along players :3"
  2. not sure if this is a possible update for the server. If it is, it should have been updated within the 11 years of the server.
  3. We welcome newbies to join our MVP hunt party so it will be beneficial to newbies since they can get the cards they need easily. The competition I was thinking are most probably old players that can support other newbies to MVP hunt too. It will be fun and more exciting that way. Most of MVP card buyers are old players and already capable of buying MVP cards. Joining an MVP party will become an essential part for newbies since this is where they can get a higher chance of earning tokens and getting geared. For rich/geared players, they can easily just buy zeny to newbies that farm treasure boxes so they can just go to the MVP room and get the card. That's the reason why MVP cards is somehow worthless in the game. It will be harder for newbies to earn tokens by just farming treasure boxes for starters since it will consume a huge amount of time and eventually just quit playing. If newbies will be joining a party like MVP hunting, they will not get bored since they will know new friends that can help them get stronger.
  4. Hi, Is there any updates regarding the build types of bio? or Is this guide still the best for bio? Thanks
  5. Thanatos room should stay since it is a special MVP that cant be hunted in regular maps. I think that should have a different poll if someone will make one for it. I'm only referring to regular MVP bosses.
  6. Hi All, I know that buying MVP cards from sellers is a big pain since no one knows what's the real price for each of the MVP cards. I'm suggesting to disable the MVP rooms so the players have only 2 options to get the MVP cards. It is either to hunt MVP boss (Yey! MVP hunt competition!) or buy it from the website (I'm rich so I will just donate). I think this is beneficial to the server since you will only have 2 options to get the MVP card that a player need to get stronger. I know only 2 guilds that do MVP hunts (Trollz and UK). Having more MVP hunters as competition will make the game more fun and exciting. This will also give more value to MVP cards so the market will be more stable since it will be hard or challenging to get it. Share your thoughts in the comments section if this is going to be a good idea! Have fun y'all.
  7. Thanks for the effort. I hope more variants of ROP to come..
  8. It should go around 6k tokens
  9. Update on current price for MVP cards... MVP Card Forsaken Token Price Inca 25 Orc Lord 20 Orc Hero 20 Valkyrie Randgris 50 Turtle General 30 Tao Gunka 40 Kiel D-01 40 GTB 25 FBH 35 F.RAIDER 45 HWC 110 SINX 120 IFRIT 55 Gloom Under Night 65 TANEE 35 AMAD 45 Dwiz 15 Dwar/Skoll 10 Beelzebub 50 Atroce 15 Maya Purple 5 Maya 15 GR 20 LK, MS, HP 30 Angeling 5 Amon Ra 5 Baphomet 5 Detale 5 Deviling 20 Forsaken Soldier 200 Vesper 120 RSX-0806 15
  10. I hope the transparency is a bit visible
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