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  1. Woahhhhhhh Nice and Thanks to Gm Team for Releasing this awesome guide.. More Kambing Power
  2. Those new pvp ladder Aura will be Limited or Non Limited stats after claiming?
  3. You were right, I just failed my diet. TPBM Chubby Is not Fat!
  4. What would happen to all those Normal Donation aura on Tokenshop?? ROP, Zodiac, LHZ Price already drop to 500-700 toks if L.Emp Aura been add to FRo will those cheap Donation Aura become less wanted/useful? since those aura on donation shop only +20 all stats while L.Emp Aura +23 all stats/Ltd L.Emp +28 all stats? Sorry for my bad english.
  5. Make those ICE EMP untradeable plss so it wont ruin market price for WoE/GvG/BR EMP
  6. Hei can u just pm me in game it would be easier for me to talk with u as i can speak malay. Nvm i just pmed u in game
  7. Kirin

    Leg. Balloon Bugged??

    eheheh sorry then forgot to read description i thought work on all class
  8. Hello I Just Complete My L.Balloon Quest And I Just Read In New Update It Says L.Balloon Can Be Refine To +10 So I Refine It And Slotted It With Amad Card. But It Seems Amad Card Doesnt Work With +10 L.Balloon cuz it doesnt add STR, I Try equip Clean Rucksack and it giv same stats as L.Balloon carded With Amad. Tried to decard and equip again and the stats still the same without increase in STR.
  9. Kirin

    B>Cursed Ring Sin X

    B>Assassin Ring Of Damned + O.Dex + Loki's Dagger Leave Offer And IGN *Ps PLSS DONT LEAVE OP OFFER
  10. S>x2 Bio Rune = 3k Ftoks Or Trd Bio Rune = SinX Set + Toks S>GVG Emperium Voucher
  11. Sry May I Know How Valkyrie Weapon Exchange Voucher Work?? Does It mean We need to have valkyrie weapon 1st before exchange it to other weapon or we can just exchange 1 Voucher for 1 valkyrie weapon??
  12. urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just talked to thief more than 6 time with some other dialogue not just snicker and here i am wondering why this fucking thief not going to to challenge/duel me..... After doing some reading on comment other player i know that i just need to make some conversation with this thief
  13. so it will be better for me to donate then cuz im just 4 days old in this server and it seems hard to hunt mvp using F.Knight Set Equipment. And May I Know How Much Assasin Cross Card Cost?
  14. Hi, Im Here To Check How Much It Cost For : Kiel Gloom Hollowrig T.General Using Token Or Is It Better For Me To Donate??
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