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  1. agape


    ok. ill make sure ill have my mic ready by then. thanks for the assistance moon
  2. agape


    ok sure thanks. jorgeluis doesnt have a forum account?
  3. agape


    Before the update, i was able to play the game without any problems. I didnt need to exclude the file. Did something went wrong with the new update? I tried this but it still didnt work out. Any more suggestions?
  4. agape


    does this work with a pirated windows 10 OS? so does that mean other virus are open in other apps?
  5. agape


    Any help from the staff or mods?
  6. agape


    How do i do that? I have Windows Defender anti virus. In the future, are you going to upgrade the server with an antivirus that doesnt get detected as a virus?
  7. agape


    I have the latest patch and client but it doesn't seem to work. Any help would be nice.
  8. agape

    Gepard Crashed

    Update your gepard.dll and youll be good. Download Link: Gepard Shield
  9. agape

    Launch Error

    it seems like the patch aint working no more, they havent updated it for a long time
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