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  1. +1 I've already suggested this one and it is already at the Reviewed Sugesstions area..
  2. B>lokis dgger LEAVE PRICES AND IGN
  3. +1, but the difference in reduction in skull aura is too big.
  4. jolopascual


    yes, i would like to buy it, what time do you usually play? (server time) and igns ?
  5. jolopascual


    500 for lokis blade ?
  6. [fix this too] Preventing people from entering thana last 10minutes or so, to prevent another reset of thana..... i hate those people who do those trolling us
  7. Good day everyone... so I want to suggest to make the Thanatos 2 hours timer to continually counts down as long as you are online, its hard to keep online for 2 hours straight.. since the server keeps disconnecting. Its really a burden to us Thana waiters... LoL ok so pls accept and sorry for bad english !!!, again Good day! ;)
  8. Objective: Add Essence of fire in the battle log if dropped Idea: (1) People in fro are teaming up for mvp hunting, thus having a party, so if they're in a party then other teammates can see what did the mvp dropped, it can be seen through battle log, but the problem is that Essence of fire cannot be seen in the battle log even though it dropped so they ended up adding each other in facebook or in any other social media, thus having a little chance of hacking them because of knowing their email. Team: mvp hunters.. batman Results: Less hacking Incidents PS: English sorry bad Is My. hope this would be implemented and also I would like to hear the opinion of the community :D
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