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  1. Antonidas

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    @CarlyRaejoin us pls
  2. I think u need to download full client not small client only
  3. I tried patching up using manual patch in website didnt help
  4. Game is closed while patching
  5. Hi, Since the xmas patch came up my client wont update its grf. Every time I open my client it would patch up and then this message would appear (See photo). How to fix this? quite annoying
  6. Fixed already. Reinstalled whole RO instead
  7. IGN: iAnton ~Dashing through the snow in a duo peco sleigh. Just santa girl giving out gifts and leaving em under the christmas tree. Happy holidays everyone!
  8. How to fix this one? I errored when wave 3 of the dark maze raid has spawned. Help me pls Gepard_Crash_Log (wave 3 of dark mazes).txt
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