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  1. This kind of special cases have major cons than pros :3 1 of the major cons would be 'thanatos MVP room' may get disable too(just my personal exp thoughts rofl xd) Gladly disagree ❤️
  2. GREAT idea totally ❤️ Cons: Those 'small' guild w/ alt acc will get the feeding somehow :3(also 1 of the main pros for the veteran's alt acc lol). Even ip tracking figure may/may not solves the cons tbh :3 The cons would be my points of view only(it differs) Lastly, I'm totally supports these suggestion ^^ More power FRO~
  3. Miku itou-> Hirameki HEARTBEAT(ueno-san wa bukiyou! OP)
  4. Nana mizuki-> NEVER SURRENDER(nanoha DETONATION movie ED)
  5. Nana mizuki-> destiny's prelude(nanoha REFLECTION movie ED)
  6. Nana mizuki-> Invisible Heat(nanoha REFLECTION movie insert song)
  7. supercellxnagi- hoshiga matataku konna yoru ni/the stars are twinkling on a night like this (2018 version) Composer:(ryo) supercell
  8. @qperteplex Thx 4 the reminder :3
  9. I may add abit of new effects for any famous MVP hunted. Such as kiel-d, tg, fbh, ifrit [Put dispel skill-active onto them(like ktux MVP that have dispell build-in too)] -new level difficulty- :3 For the hpmax fix of MVP, agree to it anyway ❤️ Ps:it may affect highly due newcomers(so pls try fix those MVP hpmax friendly-newbie too xd)
  10. The ROP's right now, were eye-catching ❤️ For bright colors-try fix it to not so invisible type pigment. If can ^^
  11. @Smaragos Socket enchancement is a renewal feature :3
  12. MVPS were always camped ❤️ Up n down prices of mvp's card were pretty normal too ❤️ MVP loot boxes drop chances% apply for any MVPS would made a godly good twist ❤️(newbies can taste the new-food either :3) Try made the % drops lower than for_fild01 spawned MVPS=sounds good too ❤️
  13. Godly update as always ❤️ More power Fro :3
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