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  1. niemono89

    GC hurt me

    @D.T.J. Probably is the gtb at ur shield(since GC considered matk type skill) :3
  2. @Silentmist Almost same as fas thana type build~ just need 1 amad/bijou(+10 ltd HG) for greater dmg output :3
  3. This basic guide is about Lord knight's [dps stun=dmg per second stun] spear MVP type :3 (^-^%) Basic input for spiral pierce LK=5 hits 'semi-ranged'/sec+stun lock+best tanker-mvper of all jobs~(ignore def=thana/inca dun need~) Spiral Pierce [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 397, iRO Name: Clashing Spiral)->Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall damage and ability to pierce. A more powerful version of Pierce which ignores DEF and VIT DEF and also stun-locks your opponent for 3 sec.Damage is (100+50*SkillLV)% ATK. The attack is 5 hits with the damage divided evenly between the hits. However you can increase damage further by increasing the weight of your weapon (upgrades count too! LV 1 weapons +10/upgrade, LV 2 weapons +15/upgrade, LV 3 weapons +25/upgrade). Formula-> [(80% of weapons weight times (100%+level*50%) + (round.down(STR/10^2) + Upgrade Damage) * size modifier (small 125%, medium 100%, large 75%)) * card factors (+20% and such) * element factors ]* 5 hits PvP/WoE Small - 75% Medium - 100% Large - 100% PvM Small - 125% Medium - 100% Large - 75% Joint Beat (Skill ID# 399, iRO Name: Vital Strike)->You can only use this skill with a Spear-type weapon. You will strike at the joints of the enemy's body, causing various harmful status ailments as well as damage.Higher level increases the damage and chance to cause status ailment to the enemy. As always VIT DEF protects against the status alignments.Possible ailments:1. Ankle Break: MoveSpeed reduced by 50%.2. Wrist Break: ASPD reduced by 25%.3. Knee Break: MoveSpeed reduced by 30%, ASPD reduced by 10%.4. Shoulder Break: DEF reduced by 50%.5. Waist Break: DEF reduced by 25%, ATK reduced by 25%.6. Neck Break: Increase your damage by 2x, CRIT effect, and 30 second forced 'bleeding' status ailment Magnum Break [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 7)->5x5 cells, Fire property splash attack with ATK of (100+20*SkillLV)% and a +10*SkillLV bonus to HIT. Enemies hit by the attack are pushed back 2 cells. Drains 15 HP per use, but cannot kill character.After usage, it adds a 20% Fire-elemental bonus to ATK that lasts for 10 seconds. After the cast the attack sequence is not interrupted. Concentration (Skill ID# 357, iRO Name: Spear Dynamo)->If you use this skill, your HIT and damage will receive a huge increase, but all your defense based upon equipment and stats will decrease.This skill also gives the Endure effect upon cast without further SP cost and will reset the 7-Hit counter if the Endure effect was already active. Stats: STR: *300 totally*(example: 250+50/280+20/240+60) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: up to ur style(290k hp+ is basic tanker hp) INT: 30-60(more sp to spam spiral's skill) DEX: *490-535 Hit* LUK: 0 Equips: Head upper: Fking helm/Ltd imp helm*all around option <1>*/Divine grace*extra dmg for spiral pierce*/Brutal alice hat*all around option <2>*(seyren windsor, kiel) Head mid: Aurora of Love*extra hit within*/any auras[+25/+30/+33](kiel) Head lower: Lord knight cursed ring*compulsary*(kiel/pharaoh/vanberk/dark illusion) Armor: Lord knight DA/fking armor(gr, taoGK/rsx, fr/puppetring, taoGK/evil druid, fr) Weapon: Lord Knight Black Halberd or legendary LK spear(2x tg, 2x abysmal/3x tg, drake/3x abysmal, phreeoni) Shield: frigg's king shield(Gtb/horn) Garment: fking cloak(2x noxious/dev, sinX/dev, lolitail/2x aliot) Shoe: fking boot(2x dragoon wizard/2x firelock soldier/dark lord, Fbh/moonlight, GEC) Accessories: 2x STR gauntlet/2x mixA gauntlet/2x STR belt/2x Loki seal/2x Brynhild/2x STR bless/2x mixA bless(2x ifrit/2x str runes/2x errende/2x galion) +斬魄 [風死]刀= Extras: 1. This skill can't bypass pneuma, parry(LK 2hsword skill/freys blade user), defending aura(pally skill). Plus any ranged reduc cards(except long-ranged type cards) :3 2. Any MVPs can be killed/tanked for this type of LK build(def ignore~>100% chotto sugoii-neh) 3. As always, correct endows(element)+damage modifiers card would made this spiral pierce greater ^^~ [neutral dmg modifier] 4. Spiral pierce always stun lock the enemies by single target mechanics only XD [rsx-baits killer] 5. Aura blade is useless here :p 6. Joint beat is a good combination combo for this spiral's build :4 7. Spiral pierce relies majorly ~> STR stat, weapon's max weight ^^!~ 8. The miss within spiral spam is consider non ignore def dmg :P(More hit would cover the "miss" part)
  4. Revamp DEX part(stave crasher build), new cards of ¤whisper¤(napalm's best fren) :3 ^-o-^
  5. @p3wp3w Still learning tho :3 Hope u enjoys this int sniper guide too(very basic) ❤️
  6. Added magical hg as 2nd option hg(other than ship captain variants), new weapon cards-set for trollers ❤️❤️
  7. @bakuranecro Only 2 is stackable :3
  8. @kimjoshua91 ranged sinX(aka sbK/SD) have a better advantages than melee type. So, why not ❤️ ?(12 pixel ranged style) :3
  9. @kimjoshua91 sinX sbK/SD type have 2 typical hybrid builds: STR type(still can viable w/ str skills of sinX), INT type(my guide is about INT type) crit type sinX to me, is the best mvp build~
  10. Added stat <C> 4 pure boomer sniper XD Also revamp stat <A> and <B> descript+stats input :3
  11. @Harry Roque If u have discord(just join the fro discord) The step by step guide(ring making)is in thr :3 within #guide section Incase u don't hv discord:
  12. @kuchenkx Use baby wiz for more weight :3 Plus reset ur stat via f.kafra n extra 2000 s.points(talk to her twice)
  13. Vera sis, wru ^¤~¤^ Wanna stalk ebisu more pls ❤️
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