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  1. Too many isekai genre 4 this summer 2019 ❤️ These r my most fav type :3 Arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou Maou-sama Retry! Tsuujou kougeki ga zentai kougeki de ni-kai kougeki no okaa-san wa suki desu ka ? Lord El-melloi II sei no jikenbo:rail Zeppelin -grace note- Uchi no ko no tame naraba, ore wa moshikashitara maou mo taoseru kamo shirenai To aru kagaku no accelerator
  2. Looks like renewal card tbh :3 Maybe a custom card remade should solve the case ❤️ *20% more critical* still looks cute tho 😛
  3. @KashaDear For advance type treasure box farmer(other than fas sniper) Can survey these 2 too ❤️
  4. @KashaDear The most basic way but still on demand would be: selling zenies for ftokens(holy acidus from abyss_03) *farm via weekends coz of floating rates viable* [@ali 7444] Ps: Mithril coin/1b zeny=70-80 ftokens 2nd: Open all alt acc for each jobs type to made legendary weapon(hot-sell for ftokens tbh) Ps: This methode would be the most boring way :3 BUT it still 2nd hot demand ❤️ Enjoy ur way of life in this server, yorokobe +9000 :3
  5. @Digital Daggers Personally, I think ninja's job ring ned to revamped majorly for the sake of pvp/free-fire friendly awesomeness *Fans of matk style ninja* ❤️ Ps: ninjas already have what it takes(pros more than cons). The only thing is the ring's revamp+the orbs upgrade(maybe can made legendary orbs just like the legendary arrows of sniper :p)
  6. Great update as always ❤️ Also great to c pally job's great advance too :3 More power Fro xd
  7. @Shukushi It's oldskul from 4-5 years ago lol ❤️
  8. Since Cursed sniper rune+Cursed sinX rune have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game(for_map56) ❤️ Cursed creator rune+Cursed professor rune+Cursed wizard rune, should have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game too :3 Map-spawn for these 3 cursed rune's MVP=same map within(for_map56) I think this suggestion won't harm the server by major totally ❤️ [personal thoughts XD] [variety server's economy grown-up method] Ps: spawn time for those 3 cursed rune MVP's is up to GM's developer team decision ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope this suggestion would be loved too :3 Please reply ur thoughts within this thread too, yorokobe ❤️❤️❤️
  9. Welcome back, besties ❤️
  10. Minna ❤️ latte for everyone? :3 ❤️ 


  11. LiSA->> Gurenge(Kimetsu no yaiba op) Composer: kayoko kusano, Arranger: ryo eguchi
  12. TK from 凛として時雨 (Ling tosite sigure)->>katharsis(Tokyo ghoul:Re op2)
  13. ASCA->> RESISTER(sword art online:ALICIZATION ed2)
  14. Albedo (CV: Yumi Hara), Aqua (CV: Sora Amamiya), Emilia (CV: Rie Takahashi), Tanya (CV: Aoi Yuki)->> Isekai Girls♡Talk
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