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  1. @gunxsword11 I luv this phrase tbh :3, is the way of life 4 this Fro server ❤️ Can be a 2-way reward too(either from mvp loot boxes/drops from special mvp rooms like [ifrit/beelz/gloom/vr]+[lhz MVP's room] So those zenies that we spent in that 'special' mvp room would worth it, at least :3 XD :4
  2. Nice update about the next new Lweapon counterparts ❤️ Does Lbullet sets of grenade launcher gonna implement sooner?(can't wait lol :3) More power Fro ❤️
  3. @Smaragos Gunjou no magmel is seinen, shounen. Senko san is seinen, slice of life ❤️
  4. Watching Top 10 list of spring anime 2019. 2 of it, are my fav currently ❤️ Gunjou no magmel Sewayuki kitsune no senko-san
  5. We already knew the *real pleasure kindness* of hunting MVP's of lhz_dun03 ❤️ (veterans+newcomers knew those too lol) Maybe its time to add a special lhz MVP room for it :3 : 1. Assasin cross eremes(single room) 2. High priest margaretha(single room) 3. High wizard kathryne(single room) 4. Lord knight seyren(single room) 5. Master smith howard(single room) 6. Sniper cecil(single room) The fees of summoning those lhz's MVP can be higher than those normal MVP rooms [around 70m-90m zeny per summon]. As usual, those lhz MVP room would get double chance% drop rate/floating rates on weekends. The cool down of re-entering lhz MVP rooms can be longer than normal MVP room(around 30 minutes-1 hour) ❤️ Extras: 1. Ifrit(11h spawn time) and Beelzebub(12h spawn time) should get their own MVP room too. Coz of their longest spawn time rate XD 2. Gloom under night(5h spawn time) and Valkyrie randgris(8h spawn time) also should get its own MVP room too XD Another extras just for lhz MVP rooms: 1. Add a reward ticket drops=*random Fro Legendary weapons ticket*(the % drop rate can be lower than mvp's card drop rate/made it the same as mvp's card drop rate) 2. *Random Fro Legendary weapons ticket* descrip would be like this ❤️: a. when double click it, an option of job choosing class would appears(Lord knight/Paladin/High wizard/Professor/Sniper/Clown/Gypsy/Biochemist/Whitesmith/Assassin cross/Stalker/High priest/Champion/Gunslinger/Ninja/Soul linker/Star gladiator/Super novice) b. Lets say, you clicked option of gunslinger class. It will pop-up 4 L.weapons selection for ya :3(revolver/shotgun/rifle/grenade launcher) c. You can choose 1 of those from 4 selection L.weapons of gunslinger only btw. 3. This ticket can be deal along players :3 Hope players+GMs developer team likes these suggestion ❤️ Please reply ur thoughts in this thread too :3 ❤️ Arigato ❤️
  6. @M.s Chen For stat build:(fun-teaser pd non offensive type) Agi:*195 aspd* Dex:*exactly 150*(not necessary for addin this, coz u just need to pd any melee hit incoming-ranged hit job class still hits u coz of super high hit rate :3- Luk:290+10(exact 300 is the best choice) For eqs: 1. Just input any +Luk/increase Luk by %(even +agi eqs useful too-just incase emergency-) 2. For gaunts: LUK gauntet preferred 3. Weapon choice: dual fortune knife at both hands(This server have its custom stat for it-try to explore urself- :p) 4. Slot-in whatever +Luk cards 5. MUST use For -king- set for the best output of ur pd build ❤️ Have fun with this suggestions-yorokobe-
  7. @Sacred Light Thx 4 the feedback ❤️ Maybe u can made a new suggestion about buffed up holy cross dmg output :3 Coz I c the shield boomerang+shield charge as a great 2in1 combo(range+melee specialist) Ps:Shield boomerang link made pally hits won't miss(unless pneuma+ranged reduction %). Plus both skills already hv size ignore modification ❤️
  8. @Forsaken Players There's a skill called *stave crasher* lol xd For now, the stave crasher dmg output were unsatisfy tbh(if wanna compare to other classes) Maybe u can suggest this changes abit ❤️
  9. Well, can made use of sinx full potential sbk moves(back slide+sbk spam+cloak) 24/7*365d at woe sooner enough rofl :3(if backslide allowed back for woe)
  10. Thx 4 the brief explanation of ro based info(kinda forgotten a few about shield system of crusader :3) Lets c how it goes Was hoping shield boomerang+shield charge getting a new builds tbh ❤️ That combo is a deadly range killer actually 😛
  11. Actually I prefer to use shield as a main-hand for any shield skills. It does boost major damage(if it gets those buff) ❤️ plus valk spears of paladin already exist for this server :3
  12. @gunxsword11 It depends for any individuals tbh, but I really luv that twist actually :3
  13. Great idea of versatility tokens trader tbh ❤️ Maybe the ratio could be like this: *500 atokens= 5-25 ftokens* Example :3
  14. Maybe can made a few limited edition colors variant of aura(diff* from the current 1 that releases lately) ❤️
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