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  1. aWoooooooooooooooot woot

    1. Nelly
    2. yOsi


      a wolf with suffering from diarrhea

  2. yOsi


    oops sorry Padre wrong party go home Yosiº you're drunk
  3. i think [GM]Danger is stalking me wahaha peace boss! two bot check in as many hours :th_gawi:

    1. Danger


      lol, sorry, already set you on my whitelist haha

  4. yOsi


    Spiritual Bliss that happens when i leave my character ingame it goes into trance LOL
  5. this is how i visualized it ahaha it turned out too cheesy and lacks detail, i edited it again, ill be posting the final edit at the Selfie thread, thanks for motivating me! /no1
  6. close all background apps that could be running and consuming your bandwidth e.g. social media sites, messengers apps and yes, including those hentai sites /heh
  7. thank you boss! farming can wait /heh time wrist pain bring it on!
  8. using the mouse to render highlights is a torture! least i can do with what i currently have... oh well... here it goes
  9. sharing my progress using cs3 as my editing tool with just my mouse and keyboard planning to add a falcon and maybe a dragonwing! looking for photostock online for images to vector and layer some effects to make it look better (i hope) ahaha its more challenging than farming wooden hearts
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